“where do the proceeds from loto max go”

by on December 16, 2013

Regina, Saskatchewan arrived from ca.search.yahoo.com on ““where does the lotto max money go”” by searching for where do the proceeds from loto max go.

Kincardine, Ontario arrived from google.ca on “Where does Lotto MAX money go? . . .” by searching for where does the lotto max money go.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.

C L I C K < – -> H E R E

Lucky was amazed what you can find on the Internet. Below is what we found.

We found out on odd days the money is transferred to the 1st Mariner Bank in the Cayman Islands. On even days the money is transferred to a numbered account in Switzerland.

On occasions the Lotto MAX blimp loaded with money has been seen leaving the OLG offices heading for the Bahamas.

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On other occasions Armored trucks have been seem going to Casino Rama and Casino Niagara to attempt to double or triple their money.

 When Tim Horton’s have there Roll Up the Rim contest, lottery executives have been seen ordering 5 Million double-double coffees, because people actually win on this contest. The odds are way better than playing their own lottery.

Here is proof people actually win this contest.

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Awhile weeks back the Lottery Luck Club won $20, so we can confirm they are paying out.

Lottery officials have been seen burying large sacks of money on the beaches of Lotto MAX Island.

The lottery corporations also have hundreds of industrial washing machines at the money laundering facilities all across Canada for cleaning the money Lotto MAX takes in. They do have high water bills. This is all being done so that when Canadians actually win a Lotto MAX jackpot, the money is already prewashed. They also spend 50G’s a month for protection services provided by Mugsy and Spats.

 Some Lotto MAX money is stored at the end of the rainbow.

If anyone has their own creative ideas where the money is going let us know.

Oklahoma Professor gets shot in the foot after winning 3 times in a row
on the lotto.
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We hope you enjoyed what LUCKY’S research found out on the Internet. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot believe everything you find on the Internet. This is how WWI started. WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE.

We apologize if we upset any lottery officials. Next time you are in line buying 5 million coffees, let us know and we can sit down and have a coffee and talk lotteries. 😉

We are just Squirrels having fun.

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