“norwegian acorn symbolism”

by on August 27, 2013

Ocean City, Maryland arrived from bing.com on “The Vikings viewed the acorn as a symbol of LUCK – Leif (Ericson) the “Lucky” was a squirrel” by searching for norwegian acorn symbolism.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.

“norwegian acorn symbolism”



The gang at LotterySquirrel.com were working on our second eBook – The Luckologist’s Guide for Creating, Tracking & Forecasting Your Luck.

The Luckologist’s Guide
for Creating, Tracking & Forecasting Your Luck

 Sugar-toes was reading how the Vikings — Scandinavians viewed the acorn as a symbol of LUCK.

Squirrels love ACORNS, and new research proves our squirrels are descendants of Vikings. Upon doing further research, we found on google an old sepia toned image of one of Lucky’s Scandinavian relatives — Leif (Ericson) the “Lucky“. We also found this on Bing.com, so you know it is TRUE. Having a first name “Leif” (pronounced LEAF), who else but a squirrel living in a tree would have a a name like this?

Leif (Ericson) the “Lucky

Vikings were from what is now called Norway or Scandinavia. At the same time we noticed we even got a visitor to LotterySquirrel.com from Norway. Was this the universe confirming our new finding? Someone in Norway was searching for Friday the 13th.

Norway arrived from google.com on “Lotto MAX on a Friday the 13th – Bad Luck or Good Luck?” by searching for Friday the 13th outcomes.

norway-loveThe Gang at Lottery Squirrel thinks the people of Norway are COOL and share the same ancestry as Lucky the Lottery Squirrel.

Marita of Oslo, Norway ordered one of our Lucky Black Squirrel pins.

Lucky Black Squirrel Pin

The Norwegian Lottery (Forsiden – Norsk Tipping) makes the coolest lottery videos – even with the language barrier. The gang at Lottery Squirrel would love someday to make a road trip (airplane) to Norway. If anyone from Norway reads this posting, please forward this to the nice people at Norsk Tipping. KING LUCKY, the Lottery Squirrel or AKA Lucky the “Lucky” would love to be the official Viking (Squirrel) in their advertising promotions. Having a direct descendant of Leif (Ericson) the “Lucky” would certainly boost lottery sales. (The gang at LotterySquirrel.com would love a FREE trip to Norway at a 5-Acorn Hotel).

See the Millionare – Norsk Tipping video below.


Norway even had a coin with a squirrel on it; more proof squirrels descended from Vikings. Rumors are this was Leif (Ericson) the “Lucky”.

A squirrel holding a lucky acorn; this has to be Leif the Lucky. This new research will forever change history books.

Various countries honor the kings, queens, rulers, presidents on their currency. We know of only one other coin in circulation with a squirrel on it — Lucky’s own – LUCKY SQUIRREL SCRATCHER® – LUCKY COIN®..


LotterySquirrel.com would love to trade 10 of these squirrel pennies for a LUCKY SQUIRREL SCRATCHER® – LUCKY COIN®. We would like to track down many more if possible — 100 to 500 of these coins. If you would like to trade or sell, use our contact form.

Please send any fan mail, gifts or postcards from Norway or any other Scandinavian country to:
KING LUCKY, the Lottery Squirrel
AKA Lucky the “Lucky”
(descendant of Leif the “Lucky”)
P.O. 49011, Greenhills RPO
London, Ontario N6P 1V2


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