“what spell should i use to win lotto max this friday”

by on August 16, 2013

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what spell should i use to win lotto max this friday  ? ? ?



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If you buy lottery tickets, use the spell below. Positive thinking people will call it an AFFIRMATION.

Harry Potter fans may conjure SPELLS to be words to bring negative actions or events.

Search the internet and you will find spells for positive outcomes. Some people have even sold them on eBay.

Searching the Internet for AFFIRMATIONS we found some for winning the lottery. We have used AFFIRMATIONS combined with LUCKOLOGY and Lottery Charms to win the Lottery hundreds of times, including a house, sports car, hot tub, Plasma TV and a lot of other cool stuff.

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Every time you buy a ticket, think or say to yourself that you are doing it as an act of magic or use the word AFFIRMATION .

Say to yourself 3 times:

I am open to wealth coming to me,
I am open to good fortune coming to me,
I am open to GOOD LUCK.

Some people have combined the above with some of the things listed below:
  1. Assemble a prosperity altar, and put the lottery tickets on it. Surround them with symbols of good luck — a four-leaf clover, Lucky Coin, and so on. People that play Bingo often build a shrine of GOOD LUCK items when they play.TLC The Lottery Changed My Life - Country Millionaire Episode
  2. With a bulletin board, use some LUCKY squirrel pins to pin your lottery tickets and pictures of things you would buy with a lottery win. You might want to add a small container of cinnamon, or to burn cinnamon incense. Put any money you find on this altar as well—coins you find on the street, and so on. Like will attract like, and money will attract money. USE THE MONEY YOU FIND to purchase the lottery tickets.
  3. Create a lottery dream book – like a scrap book filled with what you will buy with your winnings.
  5. Play the Lottery with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY to increase the chance of a win.
In conclusion: Many people think SPELLS are more powerful, while other people believe this is totally NUTS.
Some people who are goal-oriented or into positive thinking will call the above AFFIRMATIONS.
People that use SPELLS might use a magic wand, whereas people who use AFFIRMATIONS will use a pen or pencil (very close to a wand).
If you win BIG on the lottery who cares what people think.
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On October 5, 2011 we did a posting on
The superstition of the itchy left palm, to me, means I will soon receive unexpected money or wealth

On October 27, 2011 we saw that WalletPop.ca had a story about Money Superstitions You Can Count On and they talked about their view on the itchy left and right palm.

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