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by on August 16, 2013

Winterville, North Carolina arrived from bing.com on ““ritual to win lottery”” by searching for Rituals to Win Lottery.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.
Rituals to Win Lottery ? ? ?



We rub our Lotto ticket on the famous Lucky White Rock.

The Lucky White Rock ~ Lottery Luck Club Exercise Program was started by these 2 famous squirrels, Lucky and Sugar-toes. With Lucky having an interest in Luck and Lotteries and Sugar-toes saying “You are NOT getting enough Exercise because of sitting in front of a computer running many successful blogs and websites,” Lucky has developed the Lottery Luck Club Exercise Program.

With White Rock Beach having only one lottery retailer, Anie’s Beach Mart at 1117 Vidal Street, White Rock V4B 3T4, once a week we walk to Anie’s Beach Mart.  We buy a lottery ticket on one of the terminal lotteries. If we win $50 Million or $500 Million on Mega millions bought in the USA, we could buy the best home in White Rock. We have all the Lucky Lottery Charm® magnets for sale at Anie’s Beach Mart, plus the Lucky Coin® and even the Lucky Coin® Keychain. After leaving Anie’s Beach Mart. we walk over to the sundial right in front of the White Rock Museum and Archives, the former White Rock train station. With our Lucky Coin® and lotto ticket in our left hand, while touching the sundial with our right hand and using some positive thinking and affirmations, we say the words, “It is my TIME for a lotto win and some good LUCK” — short and simple and to the point. Then we walk over to the BIG Lucky White Rock at White Rock Beach and rub our ticket on the famous Lucky White Rock repeating the same words, “It is my TIME for a lotto win and some good LUCK.” WinBig.ca — Helping Canadians Dream Big & Win BIG We then walk home and rack up a few kilometers of exercise making Sugar-toes & Lucky’s doctor very happy. Once at home we use WhiteRockbeach.ca magnets to hold the potential winning ticket on our fridge or filing cabinet until the draw. After the draw, you can find the winning numbers for the top 3 draws online at WhiteRockBeach.ca to see if you won. Then it is time for more exercise to visit Anie’s Beach Mart, where we can claim our prize if we win or double check our ticket with a self-checking scanner — something all players should do. If you are LUCKY because of the famous WHITE ROCK, and/or if WhiteRockBeach.ca magnets bring you LUCK, you can claim your winnings at Anie’s Beach Mart or any other BC lotto retailer. USA ticket are not sold here.

We are NOT making any claims you will win any MONEY with the Lottery Luck Club Exercise Program or Lottery Charm® magnets. Always play within your limits; gamble only what you can afford to lose and all that legal stuff. We will make the claim that the exercise program of walking to Anie’s Beach Mart, the Sundial and the Lucky White Rock on the beach is a benefit to your health, and your doctor would agree. You could even add to your exercise program a walk to the end of the White Rock Beach pier, slapping the top rail when you reach the end of the pier.

Is the Lottery Luck Club Exercise Program total nonsense? Your doctor would agree with the exercise part of the program. If you win big and show up at the BCLC office to claim a major lottery prize mentioning to the media about The Lucky White Rock ~ Lottery Luck Club Exercise Program, White Rock Beach would become an instant year-round tourist spot. Local merchants, some which close during the off season, would be thanking you big time and not viewing this as STUPID.

Any wins by a participant in the Lottery Luck Club Exercise Program, remain totally their own and are not shared with others in The Lucky White Rock ~ Lottery Luck Club Exercise Program, unless they develop their own lottery group. If you WIN BIG, you do NOT owe WhiteRockBeach.ca, Anie’s Beach Mart, or Lucky and Sugar-toes a cent; but if you want to treat us to dinner at the Boathouse Restaurant or any other White Rock Beach restaurant, we make good dinner companions. 😉

With all the above said, are you wondering if this has worked for us?

Using the The Lucky White Rock ~ Lottery Luck Club Exercise Program, we have won some FREE tickets on past draws, and on Wednesday November 30, 2011 we claimed $79.40 at Anie’s Beach Mart. (We blurred the game name and lottery trademarks for legal reasons.) Winning $79.40 is NOT enough to retire on, but it is more than enough to buy lunch.

win124-90JIt has worked with out Lotto MAX tickets!  Above was 5 out of 7 numbers.

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