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Mississauga, Ontario arrived from google.ca on “The Luckology Store – Luckology – the belief in the ability to successfully attract good luck over and over again.” by searching for Ric Wallace luckologist.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.
Ric Wallace luckologist ? ? ?

WE know him.



Winning the Lottery and Positive Thinking – The Luckologist’s Guide for Creating, Tracking & Forecasting Your Luck.
Ric Wallace used positive thinking and visualizations in 2004 to win a dream home package worth over $775,000 TAX FREE.


Ric Wallace has been featured on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life for their ability to visualize and Win BIG on the lottery.

The 3 Ps of winning or success (Ideal for lottery players) featured in the book…


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Excerpted from the eBook:

Belief + Attitude + An Item of LUCK (maybe a Lottery Charm®) = Results on just about anything
To win on the lottery – just add a ticket or ballot.

From the view of a Luckologist & photographer (myself), here are the 3 Ps of winning or success:

  1. Picture It
    Picture what you want, need or desire. The dream home we won, we took several high res mental pictures, not just one.
    A cheap camera -low megapixel camera will take a fuzzy picture and give fuzzy results.
    When I take a mental picture, I use a 100+ mega pixel image – lots of detail.
  2. Process It
    To process a picture you need a camera with either film or a memory card. After you take the picture, the film has to be developed or digital image transferred to a computer, so you can see it or printed out on photographic paper. You can adjust things such as cropping, color, size, etc.
    To win the lottery you need a ticket, ballot, etc. combining it with the mental picture you create in your mind. Adding an item of luck is a tangible item you can use to connect the two. Then process the dream into a memory (an affirmation). A memory is a past tense of something that already happened. The dream home I won, I had already lived the experience weeks before the win. When the hospital called to tell me I won, I was simply replaying a memory or a recording.
  3. Pick It Up
    This the final part: claim your prize, win, or whatever you imagined. I have done this countless times. Time to picture something else.

The Luckologist’s Guide for Creating, Tracking & Forecasting Your Luck
136 Page – eBook

Introduction —–> 3
Ric Wallace —–> 5
The Lottery Charms Story & LotterySquirrelcom —–> 8
The Seven Habits of Lucky People —–> 12
Create Your Own Luck —–> 15
Creating LUCK with Goals —–> 18
Creating LUCK with Affirmations —–> 22
Luck & Your Reticular Activating System —–> 27
How to Harness LUCK with the 3 P’s of Winning or Success —–> 30
Good Luck Masquerading as Bad Luck —–> 33
Depression and Luck/Bad Luck Causing Depression —–> 36
Lemons to Lemonade: Turning Bad Luck into Good Luck —–> 39
KARMA (GOOD Luck & BAD Luck) —–> 45
Luck and Astrology —–> 48
The Chinese Zodiac —–> 50
The LUCKY Chinese Fortune Cookie —–> 54
Friday the 13th and the Number 13 —–> 57
St Patrick’s Day: The Luckiest Day of the Year —–> 60
Creating LUCK with Numerology —–> 62
Luck, Like Other Things in Life, Comes in Threes —–> 65
Dreams ~ Help From the Other Side ~ Psychics —–> 70
Real LUCKY People Learn to Stay Under the Radar , —–> 74
Make Sure Your LUCK Stays Legal —–> 77
Opportunity vs Scams —–> 82
Beware of Scams —–> 88
Real World Examples of Scams —–> 91
Nature’s Good Luck Signs —–> 104
The Lucky White & Black Squirrels —–> 106
Inspirational Quotes —–> 112
Quotes on Luck —–> 114
Suggested Uses for Lucky Lottery Charms —–> 117
Printable Charts & Usage Guide —–> 120

All 3 of Ric Wallace’s books can be found at Luckology.com

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