“what has better odds lotto 649 or lotto max”

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Lottery odds are for suckers or people who don’t know anything about lotteries. Lotteries use ODDS to paint a better picture than the real story behind your chances of winning the top prize — and they make big bucks in the process.

You should be concerned with the number of possible combinations that have a chance at the top or grand prize.

Lotto 649 has 13,983,816 possible combinations, and it would cost you 13,983,816 x $2 a ticket for a total of $27,967,632 to purchase every ticket combination.

Lotto MAX has 85,900,5846 possible combinations, and it would cost you 85,900,586 x $5 a ticket for a total of $429,502,930 to purchase every ticket to win $10 to $50 Million.

There is no guarantee the 2 bonus lines in Lotto Max would give you all possible combinations if you bought only 28,633,529 tickets (with 3 lines of play) at $5 each in all of Canada — except Quebec.

The lotto players of Quebec have been given SPECIAL advantage over the rest of CANADA. In Quebec, they have a personal selection slip where they can select all 3 of the lines’ numbers on a $5 Lotto MAX ticket. With Canada-wide lotteries, one province should not be more equal than the others. In Quebec you can purchase all the 85,900,586 combinations with 28,633,529 tickets costing $5 each for $143,167,645. Obviously, no one is going to spend that kind of money to cover every possible combination. But the point is this: Quebec has been given more choice than the rest of Canada, which means Lotto MAX does not have a level playing field.

Lotto 649 odds are 1 in 13,983,816 with tickets costing $2.

Lotto MAX odds are posted as 1 in 28,633,528 per $5 play (Good luck in finding the truth on lottery sites: 85,900,5846 possible combinations.) They divide 85,900,586 by 3 (3 lines on a $5 ticket) to get 1 in 28,633,528 a lower more attractive number to sell more lottery tickets.

There is quite a difference between 85,900,586 and 28,633,528. Lotto MAX has 6.142857286 times more combinations than the 13,983,816 possible combinations of Lotto 649.

Comparing the Lotto 649 odds (1 in 13,983,816) to the Lotto MAX odds (1 in 28,633,528) makes it look like Lotto 649 is 2.047619048 times a better deal. Ballpark it — it looks twice as easy to win Lotto 649 over Lotto MAX looking simply at the odds the lotteries list. In reality when considering the possible combinations, your chances of having the winning Lotto 649 combination are actually more than 6 times that of Lotto MAX.

Yes Lotto 649 and Lotto MAX both produce winners in the millions. Knowing the real story helps you make a better informed decision where to place your money. Remember ODDS are for SUCKERS – the possible combinations are the TRUE story.

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