The importance of a really GOOD Lottery Group Name

by on June 27, 2013

Sacramento, California arrived from on “Lotto MAX Lottery Pool Advice the Bell Workers could have used to get their $50 Million Lotto MAX Check Sooner!” by searching for lottery group names ideas.

We had a visitor from Sacramento, California searching for lottery group names ideas. This is very important to help keep interest in the lottery and to keep members paying into your lotto pool.

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Try to find a common interest, theme, connection. If you do NOT run the Lotto Group properly, it could cost you friends, money, your job, millions of dollars in legal fees, and even your jackpot WIN. Here are some ideas for a group of residents in Foxwood Crossing subdivision: a good name could be the Foxwood Crossing Lucky Foxes. If it is an office pool, maybe using using the company name in part could unite employees.

  • For Acme trucking company maybe the
    • Multi Million Dollars Haulers Club.
  • For employees at a bank
    • The Show Me the Money Club
  • For financial investment professionals
    • The Friday Freedom Club
  • For a sports team
    • The Winners Club

Here are some other ideas

  • The 9:00 am CLUB – The time the local lottery claim office opens
  • Freedom 30 club – For members who want to retire in their thirties
  • Freedom 40 club – For members who want to retire in their forties
  • The Early Retirement Club – no explanation
  • The Lucky Group of 10
  • The Lottery Lucky Club
  • Bob’s Investment Club
  • The LA Lottery Club
  • The Lucky Dog Fund
  • Thank God It’s Lotto Night – TGILN
  • The Texas WIN WIN Club
  • The Going to Win Club

While in high school a group of senior students from Montcalm Secondary School in London, Ontario Canada had a club called the 3:18 Club. Whenever the group wanted to meet at their favorite watering hole called the “The Barn“, they would ad a memo to be read with other announcements for the the day to the entire school during the home room period. The officials at the school had no idea what the club was, and even one official said, “I should attend one of the meetings to find out what the 3:18 Club is about.” It got its name because school was out at 3:10 pm and it was an 8-minute walk to reach the bar down the street, hence the 3:18 Club.

A lottery club name could be long or short, or even used to protect what the activity is, such as the 3:18 Club. If you are going to run an office pool, better to find out the office policy of running a lottery pool or you could be fired.



Asking people you want to maybe have in your Lotto Group for a name would get interest in joining. Ask people to vote on a name — email is great for this.

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  • Tips for starting a lottery group, pool, or syndicate
  • Why so many major lottery wins end up in disputes
  • Common mistakes lottery pools make opening doors to lawsuits
  • Tips for finding reliable people to pool their money
  • Tips for NOT losing your job because of a lottery pool
  • How to minimize claims against your lottery group
  • How NOT to be a bank for your friends and co-workers
  • Tips for NOT losing your friends because of a lottery pool or lottery win
  • Tips for saving past group plays and why they are important
  • What to look for in a lottery retailer
  • How to create your own Unique Lottery Group Play Identifier Code to safeguard your next lottery WIN
  • Tips for NOT making lawyers very RICH!
  • Ways to earn FREE TICKETS or rewards
  • Why employers should NOT run lottery groups or pools
  • Tips for group play members who purchase tickets outside the group and do NOT want a dispute if they win on their own tickets
  • Why employees using company resources & company time could lose some of their jackpot to their employer
  • Mistakes NOT to make
  • How to ensure a retailer or someone else DOES NOT steal your ticket
  • Member agreements with blank agreements that allow you to add additional info
  • Group play forms, lottery group play tracking forms, member list forms, lotto bank forms, lotto group overdraft forms, member opt-out forms, dream checks
  • List of equipment & supplies
  • Tips for Scanning Lottery Tickets Purchased for a Group Play to be shared by email
  • Dream Sharing – Helping keep members motivated
  • Dream Checks – This can help you visualize a big WIN and motivate your lotto group members
  • How to spot a BAD CHECK from a lottery corporation
  • Tips for claiming a large win
  • Your health and a large win
  • Tips for dealing with the TAX man
  • Tips for handling media exposure
  • Life after a big win
  • 21 Lucky Lottery Tips: Preview of my 1st book
  • The Luckologist’s Guide: Preview of my 2nd book
  • Suggested Uses for Lucky Lottery Charms

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