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Tip #12 Gamble With Other People’s Money
Reprinted from 21 Lucky Lottery Tips
For Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries
By Ric Wallace ~ Luckologist / Multiple Lottery Winner

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Would you like to increase your chances of a big lottery win? Running a lottery pool, club, or syndicate gives you the opportunity of more chances to win by using other people’s money. Below are a few ideas that have helped me, making this practice a worthwhile investment.

Lottery Group Recommendations:
• Assign a lottery captain and co-captain. If the lottery captain is going to be away, have the co-captain be responsible for the ticket purchase.
• Limit the shares to 10 for weekly draws (more shares involve more work).
• Offer multiple shares so you have fewer people to bug for money.
• Play the same numbers, or choose quick picks for groups that play weekly.
• Save lottery slips if you’re playing the same numbers, or ask for a replay.
• Hold a special one-time group purchase when jackpots are high.
• Give all members a copy of the tickets with the names of all shareholders, showing the unique ticket numbers and validation codes. Make use of group play forms to record all shareholders.
• Obtain complete player information: i.e. name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and Social Security / S.I.N. if required.
• Photocopy the tickets at a 50 percent reduction in order to group all tickets on 8½ x 11? sheets of paper.
• Choose players that have email accounts, so that it’s easier to let people know when more money is needed or to share copies of the tickets.
• Scan and email the tickets; you’ll save trees. Doing so makes distribution easy and cost-free, as well as providing a time-stamp.
• Offer only quick picks on large groups, since people often fill out lottery forms incorrectly. This will eliminate any claim that you missed playing someone’s numbers.
• Take advantage of a lotto subscription or purchase of multiple draws if it’s available. This can be a timesaving option.
• Consider lotto subscriptions that issue a certificate for a batch number of draws. You won’t have to validate tickets. They will send any winnings by check, but will contact you directly if you win the grand prize.
• Allow ONLY people of legal age and those who are legally entitled to play, to be part of your group. This means NO MINORS. To keep it simple, group members should be local – nobody from out of state, province, or country.
• PLAY ONLY LOTTERIES THAT HAVE A CASH PRIZE. It is not easy to divide wins of a house, boat, car, etc. among group members.
• Let someone opt out ONLY when the lottery group has a ZERO balance.
• Make it a condition that wins of $1,000 or less are reinvested to keep the group going without needing more money invested. One person wanting out is a waste of time.
• Have a waiting list of replacements in the event one member wants out.
• Adopt the motto, “If your money isn’t in, then you’re not in.” Have all members sign an agreement to abide by this recommendation.

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The smartest way to play Lotto MAX is as a group!

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