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how do you terminate a lottery group ? ? ?

SIMPLE ANSWER:  STOP collecting money and buying tickets.
Divide up all monies, to the penny, and remit to all members. Play out any FREE TICKETS.
Email or print out a letter stating that as of mm/dd/year the lottery group is dissolved.
Retain a copy of the letter; maybe have a all members sign a paper in a list format acknowledging that the group is dissolved / finished.
If you want to start a lottery group & want to minimize a false claim, plus learn how to deal with people who pay late or do not pay, consider the Lotto Group Kit.

Lotto Group Kit: Protect Your Lottery Group’s Future Win from Jackpot Trolls

Playing the lottery, the odds are stacked against you. Lottery groups offer the advantage of using other peoples’ money to give you more chances to win. Nobody considers the potential for a lottery jackpot dispute until it happens to them. Why do so many lottery group plays end up disputed? Two reasons: jealousy and greed. Consider the two very recent Ontario cases: the 19 Bell call center employees and the 24 Bombardier employees. The Lotto Group Kit, an eBook written by multiple lottery winner Ric Wallace and launched online just this week at LottoGroupKit.com, fills a need providing valuable information on properly running a lottery group with the aim being to lessen the chances for frivolous disputes by people with no valid claim. Wallace contends playing as a group is the smartest way to play as long as the group creates a proper paper trail.

Detailing his own personal experiences winning lotteries and operating various lottery groups over the years, Wallace has produced the Lotto Group Kit, which includes a customizable lottery group membership agreement, as well as a variety of helpful forms for documenting a lottery group’s activities. The easily downloaded eBook contains tips on scanning tickets for sharing by email with fellow group members, steps to follow for lottery group captains, and what to do when your lottery group wins a major prize. But a truly distinctive feature of the Lotto Group Kit is the “unique lottery group play identifier code” developed by Wallace and thoroughly explained in his eBook. It acts just like a password or a PIN for banking, providing the documentation power to blow away bogus claims.

Running a successful lottery group is like running a business; proper record-keeping is necessary to satisfy an “audit” by the lottery corporation. Wallace’s eBook kit fills in the blanks to minimize the chance of an ineligible person filing a frivolous claim. Who stands to gain from lottery group disputes? People who know that the group’s procedures were lax for one, and lawyers for another. If you play the lottery with one other person, you need the Lotto Group Kit.

For more information on author Ric Wallace and his lottery wins, visit LotteryCharms.com. You can also see his story on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life on the “Country Millionaire” episode.

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