loves Norway – Norsk Tipping makes the best lottery videos and the people love squirrels

by on June 13, 2013

norway-loveThe Gang at Lottery Squirrel thinks the people of Norway are COOL.
Marita of Oslo, Norway ordered one of our Lucky Black Squirrel pins.

Lucky Black Squirrel Pin

The Norwegian Lottery (Forsiden – Norsk Tipping) makes the coolest lottery videos – even with the language barrier. The gang at Lottery Squirrel would love someday to make a road trip (airplane) to Norway.
See the Millionare – Norsk Tipping below.

Millionare – Norsk TippingClick here for more amazing videos

Norway even has a coin with a squirrel on it.
norway-coin would love to trade 10 of these squirrel pennies for a LUCKY SQUIRREL SCRATCHER® – LUCKY COIN®.
We would like to track down many more if possible — 100 to 500 of these coins.
If you would like to trade or sell, use our contact form.

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