“People who used charms & won the lotto”

by on March 24, 2013

Marietta, Georgia arrived from google.com on “Lucky Lottery Charms – designed by “Squirrel Millionaire” Ric Wallace” by searching for People who used charms & won the lotto.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.

People who used charms & won the lotto ? ? ?

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Ric Wallace and the gang at Lottery Squirrel INVENTED them and trademarked them back in 2002. Our Lottery Charms were shown on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life.

Ric Wallace was filmed in May 2010 for TLC’s Lottery Changed My Life

The LotteryCharm 10th Anniversary World CatalogueThe Lottery Charm® story is included in the FREE Catalogue above.


Spot-chief lottery squirrel

A Lucky Black Squirrel Pin (like the one shown here) was used to hold Ric Wallace’s dream home lottery ticket on a cork board in his office. This ticket turned out to be the Grand Prize winning ticket ($775,000+). Ric also wears a few of these lucky pins daily on his jacket, shirt, or hat.

New research proves that lucky charms DO actually work

TLC The Lottery Changed My Life - Country Millionaire Episode

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