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Edmonton, Alberta arrived from google.ca on “Lotto Max for Newbies or Dummies” by searching for how do you play lotto max quick pick.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.

how do you play lotto max quick pick ? ? ?


Just visit any lottery retailer in Canada and ask for a Lotto MAX Quick Pick.
The cost per play is $5.

Here are some quick tips for the new player to Lotto MAX.

  • The game is called “LOTTO MAX” not super max, max lotto, lottery max, max lottery, MAX took my money, super max lotto, super 7 max
  • Tickets cost $5 per play
  • Jackpots start at $10 million and can reach up to $50 million
  • If the $50 Million jackpot is won, any unwon maxmillions roll back into the regular jackpot for the next draw
  • One 7 number selection — 1 to 49 numbers — cost is $5.00 each
  • 3 lines are given for one ticket – buy one get 2 more bonus lines (
  • The odds are 1: 85,900,584 for a lottery player personally selecting the winning line of numbers for a 7 out of 7 top prize win (these odds do not apply to quick picks)
  • The lottery corporations are using a lower number based on a $5 play having 3 lines 28,633,528 (85,900,584/3 lines=28,633,528).
  • Odds of winning a jackpot are one in 28.6 million – TRUE odds are 3 in 85,900,584 per play
  • Separate MAXMILLIONS jackpots created after the $50 million mark is reached with no subsidiary prizes on these draws
  • Play by Selection Slip or Quick Pick
  • ONLY Loto-Québec allows players the option of selecting all 3 lines they get for a Lotto MAX $5 play. Nowhere else in Canada can you do this (let us know if we are wrong).
  • You pick up to 5 boards of numbers, or up to 5 quick picks for a maximum of 5 plays costing $25

You can find out more information on LOTTOdreamEbook.com .


  • There are 2 combination plays – 8 numbers for $40 or 9 numbers for $180
  • You can play up to 10 draws in advance
  • You play as an individual or play as a group
  • LOTTO MAX is available for sale across Canada
  • Draws are held every Friday. LOTTO MAX tickets are sold until 9 p.m. (Eastern Time) on draw nights
  • Lotto Max tickets can only be claimed in the province where they were purchased
  • The money advertized is what you get – no cash option or payments over 20 years like USA lotteries
  • All lottery wins are TAX FREE – interested earned on lottery wins is taxable
  • Prizes must be claimed within one year following the draw date
  • Players must be of legal age
  • Players are required to sign all tickets before handing tickets to a retailer to check
  • Self checker machines are available at retailers

LOTTO MAX Prizing Structure:

Match Prize
7 of 7 Win or Share of 87% of Pools Fund
6 of 7+Bonus Win or Share of 4% of Pools Fund
6 of 7 Win or Share of 4% of Pools Fund
5 of 7 Win or Share of 5% of Pools Fund
4 of 7 $20
3 of 7+Bonus $20
3 of 7 Free Play

(exact match only)

Win or Share of $1 Million

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Tip # 7 Number Selection
Tip # 8 Scratch Lotteries
Tip # 9 Know the Rules ~ Play by the Rules
Tip #10 Decide How Much to Spend
Tip #11 Find the Money to Play Lotteries
Tip #12 Gamble With Other People’s Money
Tip #13 Dreams ~ Help From the Other Side ~ Psychics
Tip #14 Turn Dreams Into Reality ~ Turn a Lottery Dream Into a Memory
Tip #15 Plan-Ahead Strategies for Dealing With Wins
Tip #16 Your Health and a Big Lottery Win
Tip #17 You Have a Winning Ticket – What to Do
Tip #18 Media Exposure ~ Scare Away the Real NUTS
Tip #19 How NOT to Lose It All
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Win Big with Lottery Charms

The Lottery Charms Story / LotterySquirrel.com
In April 2002, I was cleaning up my desk in my office and I had a few lottery tickets attached to a filing cabinet using a couple of White Squirrel magnets. This was so they would not get lost or go through my new shredder. Following the draw, I checked the tickets and found the ticket paid out $147.60 for 5 out of 7 numbers (SUPER 7).

In May, the White Squirrel pins I designed came in and I started wearing one of them. Once again I just attached my lottery ticket to a filing cabinet with a White Squirrel magnet. On May 4, 2002 I checked my ticket on-line to find out I had 6 out of 7 numbers on the Canada’s 7/ 47 lottery draw of May 3, 2002 (SUPER 7) paying $2,408.00 On May 4, 2002I was in Sarnia, Ontario taking some digital photographs for a customer and stopped by the Casino on the waterfront. I was wearing the White Squirrel pin as I played the 5 Cent slots. My winnings that day yielded $160.00. At this time, I left due to the excessive smoke from smokers. (I prefer to avoid these places due to the health risks of second hand smoke).

Some friends were making jokes about a horse shoe located somewhere in my body. After reviewing what was different we narrowed this to the White Squirrel Pins & Magnets.

On May 8, 2002 I was searching the Internet for domains to use for possibly marketing items of luck and registered LotteryCharms.com. This was set aside for future use.

Start of the 2-Year Wealth-Luck Action Plan

May 30, 2002 LotteryCharms.com was formalized as a trade-mark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The time frame of 2 years was to allow for LotteryCharms.com to become a registered Trade-mark. The trade-mark was deemed necessary to prevent someone else from capitalizing on this idea when the BIG WIN materialized.

This decision was the catalyst for a 2 year wealth-luck action plan formulated on the belief that a series of small wins would eventually lead up to a big win, like tremors in advance of an earthquake. This would create demand for LotteryCharms.com items of luck because when you win big everyone wants a piece of you.

June 1, 2002 the web site LotteryCharms.com was completed to correspond with the official release of WhiteSquirrels.ca.

Many wins were achieved, with 2 notables wins.

On Christmas morning December 25, 2003, I checked my numbers to find out I won $1419.50 5 out 6 on Canada’s 6 / 49 lottery (one number off from $666,666,40)

On May 31, 2004 the goal of a planned win was achieved with the win of the GRAND PRIZE – Dream of a Lifetime Lottery – prize valued at over $775,00.00
Black Squirrel pins
were worn daily and a Black Squirrel pin was used to attach the GRAND PRIZE Winning Ticket to a cork board. Also a White Squirrel pin with the pin back removed was carried in my wallet.

June 04, 2004
LotteryCharms.com was allowed to be registered as a Trade-mark in Canada. (6 days beyond the 2 year business plan – 5 days excluding the leap year- 4 days after the big win on May 31, 2004).

June 18, 2004
LotteryCharms.com was registered as a Trade-mark in Canada and was assigned the Trade-mark Number TMA613166

Canada Lotteries

· (OLG) Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

· Atlantic Lottery Corporation

· British Columbia Lottery Corporation

· Loto-Québec

· Western Canada Lottery Corporation


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