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how many different combinations for lotto max ? ? ?

We will calculate the total number of combinations for Lotto MAX.

To figure total possible combinations this is the formula: (7/49)*(6/48)*(5/47)*(4/46)*(3/45)*(2/44)*(1/43) To convert this to a fraction will make it easier to understand: 1/[(7/49)*((6/48)*(5/47)*(4/46)*(3/45)*(2/44)*(1/43)] 1/[(0.142857142857143)*(0.125)*(0.106382978723404)*(0.0869565217391304)*(0.0666666666666667)*(0.0454545454545455)*(0.0232558139534884)]
=1: 85,900,584 for a lottery player personally selecting the winning line of numbers for a 7 out of 7 top prize win (these odds do not apply to quick picks).

The lottery corporations are using a lower number based on a $5 play having 3 lines 28,633,528 (85,900,584/3 lines=28,633,528).

Why would lottery corporations use a lower figure like odds of 1:28,633,528 instead of 85,900,584 possible combinations???
We have 2 reasons: to sell more tickets and make more money.

Is this not misleading?
Many people think so!

How come when you buy a charitable lottery ticket they list how many tickets are for sale, but government lotteries do not list possible combinations on the lottery selection slips? And government lotteries do not display this information at point of purchase or print on the ticket the possible combinations?
This is just a guess: Those who make the rules are exempt; charitable lotteries have to follow the rules.

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