“wash and dry money”

by on March 15, 2013

Newark, Ohio arrived from search.yahoo.com on ““why wash and dry money”” by searching for wash and dry money.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.

wash and dry money ? ? ?

From what we know it is legal to wash and dry money. But don’t you have better things to do?????

Most USA currency has traces of cocaine on the paper money. A solution to avoid dirty money is to use debit or credit cards, online transfers, PayPal or iPhone transfers.


If you try to bleach one dollar bills and print fifties on them, you have crossed the law.


The term “money laundering” refers to the process of taking money obtained illegally through crime and trying to make it look like legally obtained money.

If you are deposing a lot of money into the USA or Canada banking system, red flags will go off. If you cannot prove you got the money legally, you may be going to the big house.



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