Do you need to squirrel away a lottery WIN?

by on March 15, 2013


Uses For the Lottery Charm Magnets
The Lucky White Squirrel Magnets / Lottery Charm® can be used to hold potential winning lottery tickets, notes, etc to iron-based filing cabinets, fridges or magnet boards. Or just as a neat fridge magnet to look at a few times a day. Kids and seniors love them. These also make a great gifts for squirrel or animal lovers. You can also make it a gag gift for anyone who hates squirrels, perhaps for a birthday or special occasion. You could even put it on their fridge without them seeing.

Why the squirrel?

Have you heard the saying “squirrel away some money”?

This lucky pin would make an ideal gift for pin collectors, animal lovers, or to include in a birthday card with some scratch tickets. They work great as push pins on cork boards.

A Lucky Black Squirrel Pin (like the one shown here) was used to hold Ric Wallace’s dream home lottery ticket on a cork board in his office. This ticket turned out to be the Grand Prize winning ticket ($775,000+). Ric also wears a few of these lucky pins daily on his jacket, shirt, or hat.

Ideal for lottery groups as lottery charms.
Use the power of the Lucky Black Squirrel Pin.
This is the Lucky Black Squirrel Pin mentioned and shown on
TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life
(Ric Wallace “Squirrel Millionaire” episode)
A Channel News – London, Ontario

Lucky Sean a customer who purchased a Lucky Black Squirrel Pin wrote:
I just wanted to let you know I ordered a lucky squirrel pin in March. I had my Lotto MAX ticket pinned to my bulletin board for the June 18th draw and I won $409,014.60.
(6 out of 7 plus the bonus #)

This story has been verified and the Lucky Black Squirrel pin was ordered March, 23, 2010 and paid by PayPal.

Do Lottery Charms / Lucky Coins / Lucky Pins work?

Please read the following news feature
and decide for yourself – CLICK HERE

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