“What the heck are you Lottery Squirrels doing?”

by on March 8, 2013

Sorry our site was down for a little bit. See message below. . .

We just got an email from tech support …

To: Dear Lottery Squirrels

Subject: Our Servers have been smoking because of LUCKY and his web sites

From: REALLY HIGH TECH Internet Company

What the heck are you Lottery Squirrels doing?

Our employees are making popcorn off the server hosting your site, as it has been smoking because of the traffic of people looking for Lucky Mini White Rocks & Lotto MAX information.

People are coming in off the street, thinking we are a popcorn factory and NOT a REALLY HIGH TECH Internet company.

If you give us some winning numbers on the $30 Million draw, we will not raise your rates. Please do not ofter to send any more peanuts like last year; some of our employees are allergic to peanuts. We could use some of those Lucky Mini White Rocks.

Sites mentioned in the above video
| Luckology.com | WhiteRockBeach.ca | MiniWhiteRocks.com

Everyone here also wants their own Lucky the Lottery Squirrel magnets.


To: REALLY HIGH TECH Internet Company

Subject: Sorry for the heat LUCKY is causing your servers

From: Sugar-toes

Dear HIGH TECH Internet Company: Sorry for what LUCKY is doing. Sometimes LUCKY does NOT listen and this is NOT the first time he has been caught using all the bandwidth on the Internet. We settled with the White Squirrels of WhiteSquirrels.ca out of court for an undisclosed amount of peanuts last year for using all the squirrel bandwidth allowed by Mr Obama. Lucky might have a chance of a trip to Hawaii, and I will hide his laptop so his postings will be light for maybe a week. This should give you some time to let your servers cool down. In the mean time, I have a few popcorn tips and spice ideas for flavoring. Since the employees love popcorn, maybe you could expand your business – Lucky Popcorn is taken, but Sugar-toes Popcorn has a nice sound to it.

Sugar-toes the Lottery Squirrel.

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