“how ling to i habe to wsit to receive my lotto winning”

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how ling to i habe to wsit to receive my lotto winning

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How long do I have to wait to get my lotto winnings?

One customer told me a story how his son won $26,000 on a ticket and went to Toronto to claim it. They asked him where he bought it, and he did not remember. They said it would have to be turned over to the investigation section and it could be maybe 2 or more weeks before he would get his money. They gave the ticket owner a second chance. He remembered the intersection; they ran a check to see if the retailer selling the winning ticket was within the area. The winner was right and he did get his money that day.

Not knowing where & when the ticket was bought could cost you your win or cause delays with no interest being paid.



I noticed one woman, who as soon as the retailer hands her the ticket, she writes her name on it and where she bought it. Putting extra marks like retailer location on a lottery ticket could delay payment. A smart lottery player would keep a post-it pad in their car and write on the post-it note date, time and location and attach it to the ticket. (Or get a receipt if one is available.)


There have been many stories about people winning on the lottery and heading down to the lottery office with their names filled out on the back of their tickets only to be allegedly treated like criminals. Many have spent 2 to 5+ hours at the lottery office and are then told that a lottery investigator may take up to 6+ weeks to determine if they are the rightful owner of the ticket. Not knowing where you purchased your ticket and the time of purchase could put you under a microscope (I personally would not try to book passage out of the country, forget that dream vacation until the money is in the bank). With all the bad press about lottery fraud by store clerks, claiming a prize over $1,000 will most likely put you under investigation by provincial or state or federal policing agencies.

Tips to help you get your money quicker and avoid what others claim to be Lottery Office Abuse!

  • Know where you got your ticket(s). Sounds simple but not knowing could cost you that BIG lottery win or delay it.
  • Know the retailer and retailer # where you got the ticket. Terminal printed tickets show the retailer number printed on the ticket. Get your retailer to show you their number printed on the ticket. Getting 2 separate printed tickets will have the same retailer number on them.
  • If it is group ticket, all members must be present when the win is claimed.
  • If you are married and your spouse is not there, NO MONEY FOR YOU until you bring them back with you.
  • DO NOT cut or trim the size of the ticket as this would cause the need for an investigation.
  • If purchasing terminal tickets, ask the clerk to zero the machine first – so it has a zero balance showing.
  • Ask for a “CUSTOMER SALES TOTAL” print out (OLG -Ontario) when you buy your ticket.
  • Ask for a “Copy of Last Transaction” print out (BCLC – British Columbia) when you buy your ticket.
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