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by on February 3, 2013 was put online by Dream Home winner Ric Wallace to help the Canadian lottery player by providing access links to charitable lotteries, government run lotteries, and other products and services. Ric Wallace was the first Canadian to be featured on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life – a US network show about various lottery winners. Click Here to see next air date for the Country Millionaire episode. All lotteries in Canada are regulated by various governments, and all potential players are advised to Know the Rules before playing. is your BEST source to find charitable lotteries in Canada.

The gang at Virtual Edge Communications has been busy redesigning the web site  The domain was registered 2004/11/22 over 8 years ago and was being used to promote charitable lotteries across Canada.

We were looking for a site with a design that caters to tablet viewers and running under the blog platform.

If you are in need of a cool site to promote your business contact Virtual Edge Communications.

We wish our visitors GOOD LUCK and hope they WIN BIG.

You can help us pay for by buying a Lucky Coin® or shopping at The Luckology Store.

Lucky and the gang at, and and ONLY accept PayPal for online payments for the famous Lucky Coin® shown on TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life.

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Lucky Sean a customer who purchased a Lucky Black Squirrel Pin wrote:
“I just wanted to let you know I ordered a lucky squirrel pin in March. I had my Lotto MAX ticket pinned to my bulletin board for the June 18th draw and I won $409,014.60.”
(6 out of 7 plus the bonus #)

This story has been verified and the Lucky Black Squirrel pin was ordered March, 23, 2010 and paid by PayPal.

Do Lottery Charms / Lucky Coins / Lucky Pins work?


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