“how to beat the super max loto”

by on January 27, 2013

Halifax, Nova Scotia arrived from google.ca on “How to BEAT Lotto Max and take home the $42 Million Jackpot” by searching for how to beat the super max loto.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.

C L I C K < – -> H E R E

“how to beat the super max loto”

If you found this article through a search engine hoping to BEAT Lotto Max, sorry to disappoint you. Government lotteries are designed so they always get their cut, just like taxes. You cannot BEAT THE LOTTERY, you can however share in some of the money they collect or generate, hence the term Lottery Winner. Someone who had many wins is referred to as a Multiple Lottery Winner.

Your search was not a total waste, as various strategies can increase the chance of a return or maybe the $42 million jackpot.

Lotto Max
Some simple advice is the more tickets you have, the better your chances are. Playing as a group increases your chances while using other people’s money.

21 Lucky Lottery Tips for Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries

The number #1 book we recommend for people interested in winning the lottery is 21 Lucky LotteryTips For Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries, written by a Multiple Lottery Winner.

The Tips

Tip # 1 Know the Facts About Lotteries
Tip # 2 Beware of Scams
Tip # 3 Create Your Own Luck
Tip # 4 Select an Item of Luck
Tip # 5 Lotteries and the Taxman ~ Win a Lottery, Win a Tax Audit
Tip # 6 Select Which Lottery to Play
Tip # 7 Number Selection
Tip # 8 Scratch Lotteries
Tip # 9 Know the Rules ~ Play by the Rules
Tip #10 Decide How Much to Spend
Tip #11 Find the Money to Play Lotteries
Tip #12 Gamble With Other People’s Money
Tip #13 Dreams ~ Help From the Other Side ~ Psychics
Tip #14 Turn Dreams Into Reality ~ Turn a Lottery Dream Into a Memory
Tip #15 Plan-Ahead Strategies for Dealing With Wins
Tip #16 Your Health and a Big Lottery Win
Tip #17 You Have a Winning Ticket – What to Do
Tip #18 Media Exposure ~ Scare Away the Real NUTS
Tip #19 How NOT to Lose It All
Tip #20 Things You Would Never Consider
Tip #21 The Ten Steps Between You and a Lottery Win

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