JACKPOT ALERT – $30 Million EST up for grabs on Lotto MAX; You could live like a king.

by on January 25, 2013

Become a MAX-Millionaire…
A dream house, a luxury yacht or a private jet, with all your family and friends, to a destination of your choice?

With the richer–than–rich $30 Milton EST* Lotto MAX jackpot on Friday 25th January, 2013  you could have all that and more.

Go on, play for it all!

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The Lotto is at $30 Million EST again, and with $30 Million you could live like King Lucky with a castle & Rolls. With that much money, a squirrel could claim the title of KING or whatever he wants.


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You do not have to be of royalty to own a Lucky Squirrel Scratcher. King Lucky is featured in front of Wallace Castle (AKA Lendrum Castle) in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Winning this week’s $30 Million EST Jackpot, you could live like a king. This castle above was filled with lots of stained glass, furniture, and medieval artifacts – small change for a Lotto winner. Lucky took the car above for a test drive to the grocery store and was surprised he could fill the car with 2306 pounds of peanuts. When a squirrel arrives wearing a crown and in a Rolls, you would be surprised at the great service you get.

Just imagine having your own Rolls with a window sign saying your other car is a Rolls – just what this castle owner did. Or have a sign like this one.

Just imagine firing the working cannons located in the turrets to scare birds away from your squirrel feeders. The interest you would make off the money that the $30 million est dollar win would give you, you could throw a party any day ending in “Y“. 😉

King Lucky, Sir Lucky, Squirrelheart, Prince Lucky, Lucky the Magnificent — with $30 Million you can claim or buy any title you want.

With $30 Million you could go from ground squirrel or tree squirrel to CASTLE SQUIRREL. You could even hire someone to chauffeur you in your own Rolls, but you would lose out on the thrill of people seeing a squirrel driving a Rolls doing a peanut run!

For only one $5 Lotto ticket, you could have the life of King Lucky! Just a thought if you win!

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