Disappointed Apple share owners are switching to Lotto MAX

by on January 25, 2013

Today while the eastern part of Canada was in a deep freeze, Beautiful British Columbia was rain FREE. It was a nice 10C or even more in the lower mainland. After a few days of rain this was truly a treat. Having my computer work and books up-to-date and a $30 Million Lotto MAX jackpot up for grabs, I decided to play hookey. Spring has sprung in BC. Today I saw robins and flowers coming up.


With my health in great shape I decided to match the $30 Million on  Lotto MAX by walking 30 KM all at once. With my heart rate monitor syncing to the chest strap I wear, I headed out at 12:06 pm and returned at 5:18 pm. With my average of 6 km in about 55 minutes, in 5 hours and12 minutes I surpassed the 30 km distance and burned 3171 calories. I was down over 2 pounds in just 5 hours.

I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart for some mail and thought a $5 Lotto MAX ticket (zero calories) would be better than a coffee and a treat.  It would be a cool story if a 30 km walk turns into a $30 Million Lotto MAX win.
The lady ahead of me was finished paying and was sorting some of her purchases as I asked the clerk for a $5 Max ticket and a receipt (ideal to hand to the BCLC for showing the location and time of purchase when claiming a major prize like $30 Million.)

The lady ahead of me was commenting how the Apple shares she had bought at $525 were trading now at $439.88 OUCH. She was very upset over the hard-earned money she lost on the stock market. The stock market is a gamble too. Lotto MAX is TAX FREE.


The lady told the cashier she would take a Lotto MAX ticket as the cashier handed me my MAX ticket.

As the cashier was printing her ticket, I said “I do not like to be the bearer of more bad news, but the cashier just sold the winning ticket.” LOL

The gang here has been bitten by the APPLE BUG. I was listening to my new iPod Touch for the 5 hours I was walking and taking photos on a single charge. I am very pleased people are buying APPLE stock.

If the lady recognizes me at the BCLC office Monday morning or in the news, I will trade her a new iPad or iPod for some Apple stocks. LOL


To finish the perfect 30 km walk, a White Rock Beach sunset for some evening vitamin D. The above photo was taken with the iPod Touch.

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