The 3 Ps of winning or success – From the view of a Luckologist & multiple lottery winner

by on January 24, 2013

Excerpted from the eBook: The Luckologist’s Guide for Creating, Tracking & Forecasting Your Luck

Belief + Attitude + An Item of LUCK (maybe a Lottery Charm®) = Results on just about anything
To win on the lottery – just add a ticket or ballot.

From the view of a Luckologist & photographer (myself), here are the 3 Ps of winning or success:

  1. Picture It
    Picture what you want, need or desire. The dream home we won, we took several high res mental pictures, not just one.
    A cheap camera -low megapixel camera will take a fuzzy picture and give fuzzy results.
    When I take a mental picture, I use a 100+ mega pixel image – lots of detail.
  2. Process It
    To process a picture you need a camera with either film or a memory card. After you take the picture, the film has to be developed or digital image transferred to a computer, so you can see it or printed out on photographic paper. You can adjust things such as cropping, color, size, etc.
    To win the lottery you need a ticket, ballot, etc. combining it with the mental picture you create in your mind. Adding an item of luck is a tangible item you can use to connect the two. Then process the dream into a memory (an affirmation). A memory is a past tense of something that already happened. The dream home I won, I had already lived the experience weeks before the win. When the hospital called to tell me I won, I was simply replaying a memory or a recording.
  3. Pick It Up
    This the final part: claim your prize, win, or whatever you imagined. I have done this countless times. Time to picture something else.

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The Luckologist’s Guide for Creating, Tracking & Forecasting Your Luck
136 Page – eBook

Introduction —–> 3
Ric Wallace —–> 5
The Lottery Charms Story & LotterySquirrelcom —–> 8
The Seven Habits of Lucky People —–> 12
Create Your Own Luck —–> 15
Creating LUCK with Goals —–> 18
Creating LUCK with Affirmations —–> 22
Luck & Your Reticular Activating System —–> 27
How to Harness LUCK with the 3 P’s of Winning or Success —–> 30
Good Luck Masquerading as Bad Luck —–> 33
Depression and Luck/Bad Luck Causing Depression —–> 36
Lemons to Lemonade: Turning Bad Luck into Good Luck —–> 39
KARMA (GOOD Luck & BAD Luck) —–> 45
Luck and Astrology —–> 48
The Chinese Zodiac —–> 50
The LUCKY Chinese Fortune Cookie —–> 54
Friday the 13th and the Number 13 —–> 57
St Patrick’s Day: The Luckiest Day of the Year —–> 60
Creating LUCK with Numerology —–> 62
Luck, Like Other Things in Life, Comes in Threes —–> 65
Dreams ~ Help From the Other Side ~ Psychics —–> 70
Real LUCKY People Learn to Stay Under the Radar , —–> 74
Make Sure Your LUCK Stays Legal —–> 77
Opportunity vs Scams —–> 82
Beware of Scams —–> 88
Real World Examples of Scams —–> 91
Nature’s Good Luck Signs —–> 104
The Lucky White & Black Squirrels —–> 106
Inspirational Quotes —–> 112
Quotes on Luck —–> 114
Suggested Uses for Lucky Lottery Charms —–> 117
Printable Charts & Usage Guide —–> 120

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