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Lotto Max Math Lesson #241

If 6 LUCKY squirrels pooled their money, how many Lotto Max tickets could they buy, how much would each receive if they win, and how much do they lose in taxes, etc?

Lucky the Lottery Squirrel noticed the last Lotto Max jackpot was not won. Friday’s (Jan 25, 2013) Lotto MAX jackpot is estimated at $30 Million tax free. What squirrel couldn’t use some of the $30 Million up for grabs!

Having downloaded the Lotto Group Kit, Lucky thought with $30 Million up for grabs, it would be smart to play as a group to get more tickets and cover the bases to reduce the risk of a false lottery claim.




Lucky opens his Squirrel mail program and emails to 5 other squirrels: Sugar Toes, Wheels, Wizard, Speedy and Curly.

This is the email he sends:

Hey SQUIRRELS, the Lotto MAX jackpot is now estimated at $30 Million.
Does anyone want to buy a share at $10, and we can pool our money and share the $30 Million Lotto Max Jackpot.

Curly, a paint store owner, responded within seconds – “I am in for 1 share at $10.”

Sugar Toes, a grammar guru, responded – “I have $20 I will put in for a chance to share $30 Million.”

Speedy, who owns a really fast ACURA, knocked on our front door – “I am in for 2 shares at $10 each.”

Wheels and Wizard just happened to stroll by taking Bella, the Lottery Luck Club mascot, for a walk and said they’re both in for one share each.

Lucky the Lottery Squirrel had just sold some squirrel stuff online and did not want to be outdone by a girl squirrel – Sugar Toes – so he thought if he bought 3 shares, it would make an interesting story for the newspapers and CBC & CTV news on television if the group won the jackpot.

With all the economy in a mess, an interesting story about 6 Lottery Squirrels squirreling away a $30 Million Lotto MAX win is sure to be the number one story in the news.

So Lucky headed off to a local lottery retailer and bought the group tickets. He played all quick picks.

Lucky then scanned the tickets and using SQUIRREL MAIL sent the other squirrels copies of the numbers played within seconds in their email mailboxes, helping save some trees.


1) How much did they spend on Lotto MAX tickets?

2) How many chances or lines do they have?

Assuming the jackpot won is $30 million and the squirrels share the single winning ticket:

3) How much would Curly receive?

4) How much would Sugar Toes receive?

5) How much would LUCKY receive?

6) How much would each lose in taxes on this CANADIAN Lotto MAX lottery win?

7) How many possible number combinations are there on Lotto MAX’s ~ 7 numbers out of 49 lottery?

8) If a Lottery Squirrel wanted to stash his share of his Lotto MAX $30 Million win in your attic, would you be upset?

9) How much money would LUCKY and Sugar Toes have if they combined their winnings?

10) Knowing 6 squirrels walked away with a $30 Million Lotto MAX jackpot, would you brake for SQUIRRELS?

11) How much money would Wheels and Wizard have for Bella to bury in their backyard under the west corner of their deck?

12) How much would Bella receive?

13) What would a dog do with CASH anyway?

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