Update on TLC – Ric Wallace “Squirrel Millionaire” Part 5: Today is 8 years later after the BIG WIN ~ May 31, 2004 – May 31, 2012

by on December 29, 2012

Eight years ago at about 10:20 am I got a call from a London, Ontario charitable lottery telling me we won a DREAM HOME, sports car, cash and a lot of other stuff. CANOE Lotteries has the story online @ Dream home winner living a charmed life.

In eight years we have lived the life most people can only dream about or read about in a book. I have been on TV and radio throughout Canada and the USA, and been in newspapers in Canada and in many papers in the USA. Since the win I have been mentioned on the front page of the London Free Press 4 times. In May 2010 we were filmed for an upcoming episode of “The Lottery Changed My Life” on TLC in the United States, which has been seen worldwide by maybe 75 Million viewers and counting each time it re-airs.

For just the cost of a $100 ticket, our lives were changed forever for the better.

I have during this time wrote & published 3 books:

  1. 21 Lucky Lottery Tips – For Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries
  2. The Luckologist’s Guide for Creating, Tracking & Forecasting Your Luck
  3. The Lotto Group Kit
The Lottery LUCK Club Trilogy and Famous Lucky Coin®by Squirrel Millionaire Ric Wallace
Lottery Luck Club
21 Lucky Lottery Tips for Selecting, Playing and Winning Lotteries
21 Lucky Lottery Tips Regular Print eBook The Luckologist’s Guide Lotto Group Kit
Black Squirrel Pin White Squirrel Pin Lucky Coin®
Some of my wins can be found on LotteryCharms.com

I also designed and minted my own Lucky Coin® version 1.0 and version 2.0 in brass and nickel-silver. These are also offered on a keychain.


Other accomplishments include a trip to Kent State University to get some photos and video footage for a music video about the Black Squirrels that were exported to KSU in 1961. While there, we were featured in the Akron Beacon, Daily Kent Stater, Record-Courier, The Miami Herald, Philadelphia Daily News, The (Columbia, S.C.) State, The (Monterey County, Calif.) Herald, Rubbercity.com, BGnews.com, timesleader.com, Macon.com, siliconvalley.com, and a few other websites and papers.

My wife took some courses on technical writing and got her certificate. She, in turn, figured out how to do the blog thing and that is why you are reading LotterySquirrel.com. She taught me how to operate a blog. She also learned how to do website design.

We were able to photograph and videotape a lot of wildlife all across western Canada.

We also made a trip to Florida and lived to tell about it. 😉

All the above is not posted to brag, but rather to inspire you.

Sites mentioned in the above video
WhiteSquirrels.ca | Luckology.com | WhiteRockBeach.ca | MiniWhiteRocks.com

A Lucky Black Squirrel Pin (like the one shown here) was used to hold Ric Wallace’s dream home lottery ticket on a corkboard in his office. This ticket turned out to be the Grand Prize winning ticket ($775,000+). Ric also wears a few of these lucky pins daily on his jacket, shirt, or hat.

If the NUTS at LotterySquirrel.com can do it, you could too!

Order a Lucky Black Squirrel Pin from LotteryCharms.com on May 31, 2012 and get a FREE special gift. We feel very generous today. WINK-WINK


Ric Wallace was filmed in May 2010 for TLC’s Lottery Changed My Life

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