Update on TLC – Ric Wallace “Squirrel Millionaire” & Lucky Black Squirrels – Part 4: Suggested Uses for Lucky Lottery Charms

by on December 29, 2012

LotteryCharms.com® Magnets – hold your LOTTO MAX tickets or any other lottery tickets or cherished photographs to a refrigerator, filing cabinet, or any iron-based metal surface.


I used some white squirrel magnets to hold lottery tickets to a filing cabinet, leading to a few good wins and the writing of this book. Avoid carrying these in your wallet as they could demagnetize any cards with a magnetic strip.

Lapel Pins – wear them on coats, shirts, hats, or any other article of clothing. Use them as push pins to hold lottery tickets to a corkboard. Remove the pin backing with a pair of pliers to make a “squirrel scratcher,” or store this in your pocket or wallet as an item of luck. (I always carry a black and white squirrel pin with the backing removed.)

A Lucky Black Squirrel Pin (like the one shown here) was used to hold Ric Wallace’s dream home lottery ticket on a cork board in his office. This ticket turned out to be the Grand Prize winning ticket ($775,000+). Ric also wears a few of these lucky pins daily on his jacket, shirt, or hat.


The Lucky Coin® / Lucky Squirrel Scratcher® – use the coin as a scratch device to remove protective coatings off lottery tickets or coupons. This lucky coin is an ideal gift to include with scratch lottery tickets in birthday cards. Carry the coin safely in your pocket, wallet, or purse as an item of luck. Use the coin for coin tosses. Sew the coin into sports gear or garments. You can even drill a small hole in the coin to attach to a key chain.

Bookmarks – use these to help mark your place in a favorite book.

Currently the book is offered in 4 formats: Purchase my book online at The Luckology Store on eBay Currently the book is offered in 4 formats: Purchase my book online at The Luckology Store on eBay

The 21 Lucky Lottery Tips Book – use this book to hold or protect lottery slips or tickets. Read the book and follow the tips, including the ten steps. Show the book to people in order to interest them in joining a lottery pool.

Anyone who possesses a Lottery Charm® has unlimited bragging rights to verbally repeat the LotteryCharms.com® story. The pins, coins, magnets, and bookmarks are great conversation pieces. Expect questions like, “What type of pin are you wearing?” “Where did you get that squirrel coin?” You can tell people that the guy who designed and sells these pins, coins, magnets, etc. has used squirrel luck to win a bunch of money and neat stuff.

Note: Our Lottery Charms and the LUCKY Squirrel Scratcher are simply marketed as items of luck; we do not guarantee any winnings. Many books have been written on positive thinking, goal setting, dreams, and visualizations. Lottery Charms themselves have no special power. Only a person’s belief can empower items of luck. When a person experiences luck or good fortune with the use of an item of luck, their belief grows stronger.

The book “21 Lucky Lottery Tips for Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries” and the lottery charm products are relatively inexpensive items to purchase for your own use or to give as gifts.

21 Lucky Lottery Tips – For Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries

The best book for any future lottery winner to have is 21 Lucky Lottery Tips – For Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries.

The Tips

Tip # 1 Know the Facts About Lotteries

Tip # 2 Beware of Scams

Tip # 3 Create Your Own Luck

Tip # 4 Select an Item of Luck

Tip # 5 Lotteries and the Taxman ~ Win a Lottery, Win a Tax Audit

Tip # 6 Select Which Lottery to Play

Tip # 7 Number Selection

Tip # 8 Scratch Lotteries

Tip # 9 Know the Rules ~ Play by the Rules

Tip #10 Decide How Much to Spend

Tip #11 Find the Money to Play Lotteries

Tip #12 Gamble With Other People’s Money

Tip #13 Dreams ~ Help From the Other Side ~ Psychics

Tip #14 Turn Dreams Into Reality ~ Turn a Lottery Dream Into a Memory

Tip #15 Plan-Ahead Strategies for Dealing With Wins

Tip #16 Your Health and a Big Lottery Win

Tip #17 You Have a Winning Ticket – What to Do

Tip #18 Media Exposure ~ Scare Away the Real NUTS

Tip #19 How NOT to Lose It All

Tip #20 Things You Would Never Consider

Tip #21 The Ten Steps Between You and a Lottery Win

The LotteryCharm 10th Anniversary World Catalogue


Ric Wallace was filmed in May 2010 for TLC’s Lottery Changed My Life

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