“y are all lottery winners white”

by on December 17, 2012

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.

C L I C K < – -> H E R E

y are all lottery winners white ? ? ?

If you share this uneducated and racist view, you should FORGET playing lotteries.

The above search was done by someone who is most likely non-white with an attitude against white people. Please take the time to visit the Lottery Winners List showing various winners’ photos.

Upon reviewing the photos you will notice lotteries do not discriminate – there are male/female, white/brown/black people, young, middle aged and old people. There are various colors of hair, styles and some people are bald. What does a future BIG lottery winner look like? Take a quick look in a mirror, or look at anyone you pass in a mall or see driving a car on the freeway. Someone has to win — why not you!

The above people are lottery winners. They have won a combined $5,740,729,199 (Yes that is $5.7+ billion)
in lotteries worldwide. This is a combined total. As I add more people,the number will increase. Any person that won a monthly “cash for life”type of ticket, I included the twenty year total in the figure. The abovepeople had their lucky numbers come up in the lotto. Click onthe photo of any individual to read a brief bio.
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List Of LUCKY Black Lottery Winners

The people below represent $1,319,737,060 worth of lottery wins. Click on their photos to read their stories:

Cynthia StaffordDonald NicholasGarina FearonNicholas WilliamsMarquis MitchellKathy ScruggsMiguel ReyesAubrey BoyceYancy HicksHaron MwakesiFreddie YoungBrian FellsJames DilworthCandido OliveiraMichael AvantPaula BaileyRezene JohnsonClyde PersleyShamika FreemanGary Butler
Jenny ThomasSolomon Jackson JrRoy MitchellWillie BurgessCurtis SharpJoe FlorenceSeguro NdabeneMichael McCrayEzekial GarnettAbraham ShakespeareWillis WillisKen VaughanSamantha OgboeBryon WoodsLatherio SmithBertha PhillipsGloria MitchumJeffrey DampierDoris MurrayKris DavisPhyllis LeDouxWillie SimmonsShantay BritmanAlisha StylesAndrick HumphreysTommy CashRebecca JemisonBeverly PalmerWillie Jean RobertsJerome ConwayTammie PinnockJames HannahAnnah CrossRafael OzunaMike CommanderWilliam Martin JrJonathan VargasTesfaldet TesloyJimmy GrovesJackie AlstonJoyce Shaw

There are many more NON WHITE PEOPLE who win the lottery all the time!

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