Lotto MAX jumps $22 Million EST ~ Is the OLG / LOTTO MAX betting on the Mayans being right about the end of the world?

by on December 17, 2012

The gang at the OLG in Toronto have jumped the LOTTO MAX from $30 Million (Dec 14, 2012) to $50+2 Million for the Dec 21, 2012 draw. Based on past $30 Million Lotto MAX draws not won, the following draw should have increased to be in the $40+ Million range.

The 2012-03-02 Lotto Max draw was $30 Million EST

The 2012-03-09 Lotto Max draw was $40 Million EST

We have a few suggestions or guesses as to why the jump in the advertised jackpot amount being MORE than the usual past increase patterns:

  1. It is an advertising gimmick to sell more tickets. NOTE: Both the $50 Million and the 2 Maxmillions are ESTIMATED AMOUNTS. They could make a $35 – $45 Million payout to a winner (if only one) and claim all is KOSHER and no wrongdoing.
  2. Someone at the OLG who sets the jackpot amounts thinks they can rake in some big bucks, and if the world goes into Armageddon they will not have to payout.
  3. Armageddon believers may be betting heavy on MAX, as they have nothing to lose more than predicted.
  4. With Christmas 4 days after the draw, people may want to give Lotto MAX tickets as gifts.
  5. If there is great destruction on the day of the draw as the Mayans predicted, they will say the Grinch stole Christmas.
  6. If the world does not end like the Mayans predicted, you will need $50 Million as the USA edges towards the fiscal cliff.
  7. The OLG is feeling like Santa Claus.

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