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Ottawa, Ontario arrived from google.ca on ““canadian lottery winner bad luck story”” by searching for lottery winners stories in canada.

You can watch the web traffic on LotterySquirrel.com in real time.

C L I C K < – -> H E R E

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I started talking to another multiple lottery winner. This LUCKY person is also now a proud owner of his own LUCKY Lottery Charm® horse pin.

This friendly senior gentleman has been down to the OLG office in Toronto a few times. He retold me the story of the time he went to the OLG office in Toronto to claim a $100,000 win. He gave me a mental picture or video of his experience, very similar to another story told to me by a winner of $1 Million –that story was told to me in my dream home I won. Based on his experience you can expect to spend a half a day or more at the OLG office to claim your prize.

After receiving his check for $100,000 they headed back to the Lambeth area. The winner’s brother was driving the truck and thought he could make it back on the same tank of gas. Well he guessed wrong; they ran out of gas on the 401. He said it was hilarious, they had a truck with no gas and a check for $100,000 in his pocket. LOL

They got a lift to a service center, bought some gas, then returned to the truck and headed home.

This gentleman also had another winning ticket for $78,000+. He had checked it online and knew it was a winning ticket. He stopped at store in Lambeth, Ontario in order to check the ticket on the self-serve machine knowing it was a winner. After he scanned it, the retailer’s terminal went into lock-down mode. Within minutes the telephone rang and the OLG wanted to talk to the winner. The conversation was for about 2 minutes; they asked him his name and where he bought the ticket. After this the lottery terminal had to be reset in order to be able to sell tickets again.

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If you use the self checker scanner like the one above or have the retailer check your ticket and it is a major winner, the terminal will be shut down until the OLG talks to the ticket winner and resets the terminal. If you check a major winning ticket using the self-serve scanner, and quickly leave thinking you want to take some time to plan your claiming strategy, the retailer will not be able to use his terminal until the OLG resets it. Then the questions will fly at OLG, like why did you leave so quickly. This most likely will result in an investigation and delay in payment.

An important note, if you know you have a major winning ticket and are going to use a self checker scanner or have a retailer check it, you better be prepared to know information they will be asking. For example: where was the ticket purchased, is it your ticket or is it a group ticket (names of the people in the group), where, date and time was the ticket purchased.

If you give different answers when you go to the OLG office in Toronto, most likely you will not see a check for several weeks, as they may take months to verify the win. You will not read stories like the above story on any government lottery site. THE TRUTH NEVER CHANGES.

Many people will buy tickets all over the place for the same draw and may not give the right answer of what store the actual ticket was purchased, as they are simply guessing. IF YOU ARE GUESSING AT THE PLACE, DATE & TIME make sure you tell them to record that as you had multiple tickets from different locations on the same draw, and you would have to review the retailer’s terminal numbers to verify where you got the ticket. If they were all bought in the same city, you could say it was bought in London, Toronto, etc something you are certain of.

For future major lottery winners, you should know the retailer or terminal number of places you buy tickets from to avoid possible confusion. For group plays make sure the tickets are purchased and checked at the same retailer location for all draws. In CANADA playing the lottery is legal. It seems actually winning big on a lottery, you are under suspicion of being guilty of cheating, until you prove your otherwise.

If you WIN BIG, you will have to pass the tests the lottery corporations give you. Knowing the RIGHT answers means you will have a check in your hands in a few hours. NOT having the right answers could cause delays of weeks or months and under review for possible fraud.

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