“how do you cash a 50000000. lottery ticket”

by on December 8, 2012

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C L I C K ; H E R E

how do you cash a 50000000. lottery ticket ? ? ?

  1. Sign your ticket FIRST!
  2. Go to a lotto retailer and use the self checker machine. If the machine says you won proceed to step #3.
  3. Hand ticket to retailer to validate and watch the terminal make a funny noise. The terminal will shut down, the retailer’s phone will ring and the lottery people will want to talk to you.
  4. The retailer will give you your ticket back along with a validation slip.
  5. Go to one of the official lottery headquarters sites to present your ticket and the validation slip. Expect a long day wasted answering questions.
  6. If you answer all questions correctly and no other person has a share in your ticket you qualify to get a regular sized check for $50,000,000 ($50 Million). First you have to pose for some photos with a big version of your check. The lottery people could request you come back in a few days for a press conference so they can milk it for all it is worth.
  7. Go to a bank teller and say I want to deposit this $50 Million check into my account.

Before you leave the lottery headquarters make sure the check is signed and all the dollar amounts match. The OLG has been known to make out checks improperly, making an invalid check.

My first of many checks from the OLG was not cashable, as they issued me a BAD CHECK: note that the three dollar amounts on the check did not match. The Royal Bank told me I was issued a BAD CHECK and would not cash it. I had to jump through hoops and talk to about a dozen people at OLG to get a replacement, as I was told all checks are verified before they are sent out. SEE ABOVE IMAGE – LOL

It took weeks to fix their mistake before I had a check I could cash at a bank.

· (OLG) Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
· Atlantic Lottery Corporation
· British Columbia Lottery Corporation
· Loto-Québec
· Saskatchewan Lotteries
· Western Canada Lottery Corporation

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