LOST 230.6 SNICKERS With Peanuts Chocolate Bars (59 grams)

by Ric Wallace Lottery Charm® Creator on December 7, 2012

Sugar-toes featured above with a SNICKERS With Peanuts Chocolate Bar (59 grams) – her favorite. Over a few months and THANKS to the Oxford Street Hill at White Rock Beach and various streets around White Rock, she has had some weight loss to brag about equivalent to 230.6 SNICKERS With Peanuts Chocolate Bars weighing 59 gram each. She wanted to let others know LUCKY is not the only one in White Rock Beach losing weight. He lost 54 – 1 pound blocks of butter, as he used to work in a grocery store and would move 50 pound boxes all the time.


I don’t care about LUCKY’S 54 blocks of butter, 230.6 is more in my mind!

You can NOT believe a Squirrel with pearls and a PINK hat. 230.6 Chocolate Bars X 59 grams = 13,605.4 grams

13, 605.4 grams = 29.99477 pounds

230.6 SNICKERS With Peanuts Chocolate Bars at 59 grams each is less than 54 – one pound blocks of butter.


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