Forget lotteries like Lotto Max & PowerBall ~ the charitable lotteries need your HELP!

by on December 4, 2012

With the recent Lotto MAX $50+ Million Jackpots and the monster PowerBall $579.9 million with a cash option of $379.8 million, lottery players have wagered their budgets on lotteries with almost impossible odds.

PowerBall has 175,223,510.00 possible combinations.

Lotto MAX has 85,900,584 possible combinations.

The above government lotteries promote monster payouts that are not guaranteed to be paid out for the draw. Meaning if no one picks the winning numbers, the money is NOT GIVEN OUT and is rolled into the next jackpot and the ticket you bought could be worthless (if you do not win a smaller prize).

Lotto MAX, Lotto 649, PowerBall and Mega Millions can get so big because they are not paying out due to no winner. They will eventually have a winner.

They could sell millions or even a billion dollars worth of tickets and not produce a winner.

The recent monster jackpots both sides of the border have affected charitable lotteries this holiday season all across Canada.

Charitable lotteries sell tickets and the name of the purchaser is recorded, plus the top prize is guaranteed to be won or given away.

The Millionaire Lottery 2012/2013 White Rock Beach Grand Prize Home is the coolest dream home we have seen so far all across Canada. The lottery has a $2.5 Million CASH option.

$2.5 Million is a lot less than the $21 Million Lotto MAX up for grabs this week but…

Millionaire Lottery –>> 117,000 possible combinations guaranteed to be won or given away.

Lotto MAX –>> 85,900,584 possible combinations NOT guaranteed to be won or given away.

Ask yourself: Would $2.5 Million TAX FREE make a difference in your life? If so CLICK HERE.

Just imagine spending Christmas in this really cool ocean front dream home for years to come. Or take the $2.5 Million CASH OPTION. If you were to win, you could see if you could keep the Christmas tree and leave it up year round. It would be like Christmas every day of the year waking up in this really cool dream home.

Millionaire Lottery 2012/2013 (British Columbia Only)


Lucky & Sugar-toes tour the Millionaire Lottery 2012/2013
White Rock Beach Grand Prize Home.

BC Gaming Event Licence #47690
BC Gaming Event Licence #47691

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Millionaire Lottery 2012/2013


The Charitable lotteries have way better odds and a lot less possible combinations to win a grand prize. Lotteries have other secondary prizes, but when you buy a ticket you should be concerned with your chances to win the top prize and not a FREE ticket or a few dollars.

Millionaire Designer Home Lottery (BC only)

  • Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Hospital
    • Chances are 1 in 117,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize
    • Chances are 1 in 482,600 (total tickets for sale) to win the 50/50 prize

Dream Home Lottery (Ontario only)

  • Bluewater Health Foundation
    • Chances are 1 in 7,700 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize

Dream Lottery (Ontario only)

  • London Health Sciences Foundation
    • Chances are 1 in 252,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize

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