What to do on a rainy or snowy day in Canada?

by on December 2, 2012

With Friday being a rainy day in the lower mainland of BC, Lucky & Sugar-toes of White Rock Beach decided to to pop out to YVR – Vancouver International Airport located in Richmond, BC. Lucky remembered that he wanted to go to IKEA as he needed to replace a bolt in the chair where he sits and watches TV (He broke on of the bolt before he lost the 52 pounds). He thought he would pop out to see if he could get a replacement bolt.

It is always easy to find an IKEA store, the signs are highly visible.

Lucky saw a Christmas tree in one of the showrooms and thought this would be the perfect location for our Christmas photo. Just as we got set up and shot a test, a person who works for IKEA wanted to know what was going on.

Not wanting to tell a lie to the man in the red suit and get short changed on December 25, Lucky said we were just moving on. The man in the red suit said I thought that was what you were doing. Boy, that was a close call.

We found our chair on display and found out it has a 10-year warranty. The clerk said to go to customer service and they would have replacement parts. They gave us the part for FREE.

Lucky was s happy we did not have to trash the chair because of a broken bolt, so he offered to buy lunch at the IKEA Bistro. We ordered 4 hotdogs at 75 cents each for a total of $3.36 with the taxes. Where else in Richmond / Vancouver can two eat for 3 bucks and the TAX.

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