The Bell 19 get the full balance of their $50 million Lotto Max jackpot almost 2 years later

by on November 19, 2012

The battle for the $50 million is over, leaving friendships and a poisoned workplace in its wake.

The office pool of 19 (now mostly former) Bell Canada call centre workers have their full shares of the Lotto Max jackpot they won two years ago.

A binding arbitration ruling dismissed the claim to portions of the winnings by nine other co-workers and ordered the release of the remaining $18.4 million held by the courts.

If you work in an office like Natalie Damianidis formerly of Bell Canada and have some SCUM BAGS in your office, you could lose almost 2 years in a media cirrus and the legal system: money, sleep, aggravation and racking up a big lawyer’s bill trying to get what is rightfully yours. It is good to see the BELL 19 did not give in to the false claims from some people they worked with. Lawyers for all parties will be very happy for the time they billed.  We hope the BELL 19 are awarded costs against the 9 LOSERS and sue for damages.


Tips for all stages of running a Lotto Group
and reducing the chance of a false claim . . .

We have had visitors from worldwide looking for Natalie Damianidis because she was the lottery pool captain of the famous BELL 19 group that won $50 Million on Lotto MAX — a jackpot which 11 other people were making claims that they own a share, although only 9 filed a statement of claim in the courts.

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DISCLAIMER: Winning $50 Million will put you under the microscope with the tax boys and girls for the rest of your life. Professional tax advice is recommended; get a really good accountant.

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With the news of the $50 Million jackpot up for grabs, people are becoming interested in forming their own gang (Lotto Group) and doing things legally so the coppers or people making false claims do not give them any trouble getting their money.

It is easier to use a computer, paper and a pen to set up a Lotto Group, than hiring lawyers  after you show up at the lottery office.

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