Lotto Max winner Bob Erb making good on his promise to share his fortune

by on November 19, 2012

He’s spreading his newfound wealth around:

When Terrace’s Bob Erb won a $25-million jackpot earlier this month he told media that, in addition to advancing his cause célèbre of legalizing marijuana, he planned to spread his winnings around to family and friends and donate lots of cash to local charities.

While the seasonal construction worker formalizes his tax-deductible donations, the small northern B.C. town is abuzz with tales of Erb handing out $100 bills and writing $10,000 cheques.

Good for Bob! But we hope he also puts a good chunk of that away for the future. Many lottery winners go broke never learning to say “no” sometimes. Much of the interest off the $25 million that Bob won could be used for a lifetime or more of charitable giving – something to think about…

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