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by on October 23, 2012

Are you one of the lucky few who’ve hit it big at the lottery, the casino or raffle? Has your newfound life as a prize winner been filled with dream homes and exotic trips? Have you used your winnings to donate to charities or family, rebuild local communities, or create the business ventures of your dreams? TLC wants to hear about your unique stories and be there to capture these life-changing moments.

To apply to THE LOTTERY CHANGED MY LIFE, email us directly at starting with your name and your hometown listed in the email header (ex. Jane Smith, Miami, FL). We also the need the following information, kept in strict confidence, to assess your story:

  • When, where and how much money you won (before and after taxes)?
  • A short description of your life before and after your win. What changed: house, car, work, holiday, friendships, family relations? How much did you need that prize money?
  • A short description about the moment you won the prize. How did you react? Who did you call first? What was the first thing you bought and why?

We would love to hear your unique story, whether winning was a positive or even a negative experience. Be sure to include all your contact information, including: home phone number, mobile phone number, fax number and email addresses so we can follow up with you directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sharp Entertainment

Andy Warhol‘s prediction came true for us — he said in 1968 that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” For Luckologist & Multiple Lottery Winner Ric Wallace and his wife, they got their 15 minutes of fame with the airing of the third season third show of TLC‘s The Lottery Changed My Life on Saturday, October 9 at 9 p.m. 2010. Ric and Sheila were the first Canadians to appear on the American TV show.


We have had many emails asking how much we got paid to be on the TV show. We did not receive any cash, and we will not receive royalties. While the crew was here, we did receive 2 FREE lunches. We were excited to make primetime TV on a USA network.

If you win big and want to be a star, apply to THE LOTTERY CHANGED MY LIFE. TLC focused on just one of my 500+wins. TLC said they would come back for my next big win.

My LARGEST (over 1000 wins todate) win using a Lottery Charm® was the grand prize win of a Dream Home Lottery in London Ontario Canada, valued at over $775,000.00 CDN — TAX FREE — on May 31, 2004. This was featured in the local paper, Internet, local & regional radio & TV news. This was reported in the London Free Press June 1, 2004.

A Lucky Black Squirrel (Lottery Charm®) pin was used to hold the winning grand prize ticket on a cork board in the office of® creator Ric Wallace — that’s me!

The video below shows the dream home won using Black Squirrel Luck with all the cool stuff inside included.

In April 2010, I was contacted by TLC and they were here in May 2010 to spend two 12+ hour days filming.

For more information on how they contacted us, play the Lucky’s Acorn Podcast – April 12, 2010 – below.

The people from Beyond Productions working for TLC (filming is now being done by Sharp Entertainment) had to condense maybe 16+ hours of video (our guess) into maybe 10- 15 minutes. We were excited that a first time self-published author would get his book, coins, pins, magnets, etc also referred to as Lottery Charms exposed to a targeted market of people who dream of winning the lottery and maybe believers in LUCK.

While watching the show and watching our Feedjit Stats live, we had a lot of people searching to find out if Black Squirrels really existed and where.

Antigo, Wisconsin arrived from on “Kent Ohio knows how to celebrate Black Squirrels” by searching for the luck of a black squirrell.

In 2006 I petitioned the City of London to adopt the Black Squirrel as a mascot and Anne Marie DeCicco-Best-London’s mayor along with 16 other councilors turned the idea down, with only Gina Barber and Paul Van Meerbergen being 2 out 19 votes in favor of the idea. With the city turning down the idea, I trademarked Black Squirrel. The city of London missed out on a creative way to bring tourists to our city, and giving London a CREATIVE CITY status. London has a closet mascot — Waagosh — a fox that was in the closet for over 3 years, until the London Free Press started to inquire about where’s Waagosh. If you did a poll of Londoners to see how many people have seen a fox or Waagosh, the numbers would be very low. If you asked residents how many have seen a black squirrel, the only people who could say they have not seen a black squirrel would be vision impaired or blind. If you wonder what’s so great about a Black Squirrel, just look what Walt Disney did with the mouse!

As mentioned in the TLC broadcast, any CREATIVE CITY wishing to adopt the Black Squirrel and license the trademark owned by me — “Squirrel Millionaire” Ric Wallace — plus an offer of the job of Black Squirrel Ambassador, please use the contact form on this site.

When Americans hear that in Canada our lotteries are TAX FREE and you actually get what they advertise and not based on a 20-year payout, their mouths drop wide open. Canadians while visiting the USA can play lotteries and get the tax back that is usually deducted.

Due to the time restraints of our segment, we have included some things you may find interesting. The ticket on the hospital dream home we won cost $100 and was from the hospital that gave me the use of my right arm and hand after a nasty 15 foot fall from a ladder while clearing snow off the roof following a snow storm in 2002. I considered myself LUCKY to be alive, as we all know the fate of Christopher Reeves – aka Superman.

The above fall led to 2 operations with 3 casts and 3 stainless steel pins used to repair the break 1/2 inch before the wrist joint.

This may NOT be a pretty picture, but the expert services of St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario put me back together.

Doctors never gave any forecasts for hand use. After the 3rd cast was removed, the doctors were surprised that I could move one finger about a 1/4″.

After about 9 months of therapy, I could push a button on a digital camera and open a can of soup, while in pain during the process.

Motorized devices such as the continuous passive motion machine are responsible for me having use of my right hand. After an injury like mine, there was a small window of opportunity to regain use of my hand that was smashed. Without therapy like this, my right hand would have been a deformed locked claw. The story of my break and my x-rays have traveled worldwide to such places as Vancouver, North Carolina, Ireland, etc. The therapist who helped me regain use of my right hand received the top award in his field by an American organization.

Being a webmaster and photographer and not having use of my right hand, plus having to go to two hospital therapy appointments per week, was a real financial and time strain for someone self-employed. If you do not work, you do not bring in money. Plus, Sheila’s hours were cut back due to drop in business.

We really could not afford the cost of the $100 Dream of A Lifetime lottery ticket, but I thought it was a way of giving back to the hospital for giving me the use of my right hand. I thought it would make a really cool story if someone whom the hospital helped for over a year to regain use of a right hand was the person to win the lottery.

On May 31, 2004, I got the call that we won the top prize worth $775,000 tax free: house, sports car, cash, toys. etc. This solved our aging car problems, roof problems, and other issues of living in a high crime area with drugs, prostitution, vandalism, graffiti, and a biker clubhouse around the corner. Winning this dream home and still owning a home in Old East London created some new problems.

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