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left hand itching wives tale ?????????????

The IRISH were originators of this saying!

“If your left palm itches, it means you will soon receive money; if your right palm itches, it means that you will lose or have to pay money.”

“If your left palm itches, scratch it on wood and you will be sure to receive money; if your right palm itches, do not scratch it at all, because then you will lose money.”

Right hand itches you’ll shake hands with a stranger, left hand itches you’ll gain some money.

Some people say the left hand is for receiving money, but the right hand is for losing money. Some people reverse the hands.

For me the superstition of the itchy left palm passed down from my mother and grandmother. And to them, the itchy left palm means unexpected money or wealth coming. I can recall dozens of times this has proven true for myself, my mother and my grandmother. Recently an itchy left hand predicted unexpected money and last Friday I received a check for over $300. Recent lottery wins in the last few months were preceded by an itchy left hand.

The week leading up to the draw of the dream home I won, my left hand was almost a bright red from being itchy. I was constantly scratching it (the win was not lost as some websites suggest if you scratch it). The itchy left hand was even mentioned in the local paper and on Canoe.ca. Some people or cultures say it is your right hand that is a sign of money coming in.

Whether you are right handed or left handed, or even your heritage background may have some determination for which hand is the indicator of unexpected money or wealth. The itchy left palm was passed down from my mother’s side – mostly Irish background. To some people this superstition sounds totally NUTS. My wife when she first heard this was flabbergasted, but over the years has seen firsthand this working for me. Recently we have both had itchy left palms, and she is starting to adopt the superstition. This superstition I believe in gets stronger each time it comes true, for me I would say 100% of the time. If a have a ticket on a lottery draw and develop an itchy left palm, I know I have won a prize.

I would suggest you take note the next time you have an itchy left palm or itchy right palm and record what follows. Tracking this and comparing to results will help you to decide to follow this superstition and which hand indicates unexpected money or wealth.

The idea of tracking events in your life to determine if things are going positive or negative can plot your LUCK.

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The some superpositions that I do NOT follow or believe:

  • It is bad luck if a black cat crosses your path
  • 7 years bad luck if you break a mirror
  • It is bad luck to walk under a ladder (unless someone is on it)

Some superstitions that I follow or believe:

  • itchy left palm, to me, means I will soon receive unexpected money or wealth
  • Things happen in 3s
  • Your life path number is your LUCKY number – adding your spouse’s life path number will yield a Really Lucky number for the two of you: My combined life path number with my wife’s is 10 – We won the 10th dream home given away by the hospital lottery in London, Ontario (used to be the 10th largest city in Canada).
  • Itchy left ear – someone is talking about you
  • I would not buy a house on a lot with the number 13 (based on a few stories I know of )
  • A black squirrel crosses your path – it is going to be a Lucky day
  • Seeing a rabbit in the wild is a sign of Luck
  • Luck is your attitude or belief
  • Items of Luck – Click to see how I am doing
  • Luck can be Created, Tracked & Forecasted
  • When a dog has an itchy back and is rolling on the ground, it is going to rain

On New Year’s Day Luckologist Ric Wallace, the human spokesperson for LotterySquirrel.com was interviewed by reporter DEBORAH MENSAH-BONSU for an article about creating LUCK.

Please visit The Globe and Mail web site for the story: How you can make your own luck

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