Up For Sale – WinBIG.ca Domain

by Ric Wallace Lottery Charm® Creator on September 1, 2014

WinBig.ca — Helping Canadians Dream Big & Win BIG

Domain name: winbig.ca
Domain status: registered
Creation date: 2004/11/22 (Mon, 22 Nov 2004 14:34)
Expiry date: 2020/11/22

Visit the WinBIG.ca offer page – CLICK HERE


This could be the most valuable .CA domain to promote lotteries, gambling, CONTESTS, etc. Ric Wallace was the first to register this domain on 2004/11/22 and has used it to promote charitable lotteries for FREE and later added government lotteries. A family member is in need of surgery to repair a botched surgery. The surgeon we are considering is in Las Vegas NV, a story TLC might be interested in, as we might be off to Vegas to gamble on life and not slots. Any TV network willing to cover the costs can have the story – CONTACT US. WINK WINK CBC. Ric has been on CBC radio a dozen times, but never CBC TV – on his bucket list.


We are taking domain offers and will decide by September 28, 2014 whether a reasonable offer is worth accepting, how to proceed, or continue operating the site as registered up to 2020. Many lotteries like the Princess Margaret Lottery, Heroes Lottery, BC Children, etc have used the phrase WIN BIG.

WinBIG.ca, being an easy domain to remember, would be worth the money spent. With thousands of people returning to the site because WinBIG.ca is #1, it could be bonus traffic to your web space if you are using it.



One web site (excellent.ca) is claiming the domain POKER.CA sold for $400,000 and SLOTS.CA for $206,906. We believe WinBIG.ca could be a million dollar site. WinBig.ca has never linked to online casinos because we only wanted to associate with LEGAL lotteries with a government licence. Sale of the domain will give preference to: 1) Charitable Lotteries
2) Provincial Government Lotteries 3) Anyone allowed to own a .CA domain. We are motived to find a buyer and will consider all offers submitted by September 28, 2014. If an offer is made for more than the asking price, we may contact other serious parties to give them the opportunity to raise their bids.

WinBig.ca — Helping Canadians Dream Big & Win BIG

Purchase the WinBIG.ca domain for $1 Million or more and we will try to get this story featured on TLC’s Lottery Changed My Life and FREE exposure for your new site. Just as WinBIG.ca is number 1 in Google for “Win Big” – Ric Wallace the owner, was the first Canadian to be featured on TLC’s Lottery Changed My Life. Recently he was featured in the July 21, 2014 issue of Woman’s World. You can still purchase the eBook edition in the APP STORE – NR 1429 for $1.99. Don’t need any FREE exposure, we will send you a postcard from Hawaii or Vegas.


Sharpe Entertainment, the current production company for the TLC show, has shown interest in a follow up story in the past – email on file. No promises, but Ric loves being in the media and knows how to attract it.

The book 21 Lucky Lottery Tips for Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries, available at the Luckology Store, may help get you closer to that lottery win dream. The ebook sells for only $14 - Click Here for more details. Ric Wallace was the first Canadian to be featured on TLC's The Lottery Changed My Life – a US network show about various lottery winners. Lottery Charm® & Lucky Coin® creator. Luckologist, author, web designer and lover and promoter of squirrels. 21 Lucky Lottery Tips for Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries

TLC The Lottery Changed My Life - Country Millionaire Episode

Ric Wallace estimates he has been seen by over 100 million people worldwide on TV, over 15 million in print and millions online. Ric has been on CBC12 times, Canoe.ca, Walletpop.com / Dailyfinance.com, TheGlobeandmail.com, National Post and MoneySense.ca to name a few. We plan on sending this info to all government lottery corporations, charitable lotteries, and major corporations offering contests or reward programs. Sites like poker.ca, slots.ca, etc will also be considered.

WinBig.ca — Helping Canadians Dream Big & Win BIG


Many people believe Canadian lotteries, jackpots and sales have lost their excitement with lottery players. Higher ticket costs, poor odds** have resulted in slower climbing jackpots. The following Saturday after the first Lotto MAX* draw we logged over 6,000 visitors for one day. But Canada is in desperate need of a NEW LOTTO and WinBIG.ca could be a perfect component to bring back lottery excitement. A national lottery drawn once a week, costing only $1 with no cap on the jackpot, could quickly recoup the investment in the domain name.
Just imagine people visiting retailers saying the same thing. I want to WIN BIG. Win Big for a buck, give me $5 on Win BIG. OMG, I Won BIG on Win Big – WIN BIG HERE – unlimited marketing opportunities.

(*Lotto Max has 85,900,584 possible combinations** and is administered by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation)



Any Canadian Lottery corporation could be the envy of the others, if WinBIG.ca was used exclusively in their area. For example if the OLG was using it for ONTARIO promotions ONLY, organizations like the BCLC would be kicking themselves for not coming to White Rock Beach, BC for a coffee and snapping it up. WINK WINK.

· (OLG) Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
· Atlantic Lottery Corporation
· British Columbia Lottery Corporation
· Loto-Québec
· Saskatchewan Lotteries
· Western Canada Lottery Corporation

Canada’s biggest coffee shop (AKA Tim’s), recently in the news, could make use of the domain for their coffee cup contest.

WinBig.ca — Helping Canadians Dream Big & Win BIG

On October 9, 2006, it was announced that YouTube.com would be purchased by Google for US $1.65 billion in stock.

Offering cash and stock options could help generate news interest and FREE EXPOSURE for purchasing WinBIG.ca.

Gas station rewards programs could acquire WinBIG.ca and could reduce the outlay of cash with a partial stock option. Shares in Petro-Canada, Shell, ESSO, Tim Horton’s, Burger King would be considered after discussion with our accountant. FREE coffee for life for 2 could be a signing bonus. WINK WINK. Imagine rolling up the edge on your coffee cup and seeing WIN BIG. With the new owner with deep pockets, the domain WinBIG.ca could be used on advertisements saying “if you see WIN BIG under the rim you WIN BIG.”

The opportunity to own WinBIG.ca does not come every day.
P.S. It is registered until 2020 by the original owner.

Want to purchase the domain for BIG BUCKS and do not want the sales disclosed – A new top of the line 2015 Honda CRV in Silver from Happy Honda in Burnaby, BC as a signing bonus would make us HAPPY.

I have owned the BESTofLUCK.ca domain since 2006/10/26. On Tuesday May 29, 2012 we were out for a walk on the White Rock Beach promenade, BC (in front of my home) and photographed many of the stars in the movie BEST of LUCK. I did not know they were filming. More on the story: visit BestofLUCK.ca.

White Rock Beach “The LUCKIEST place on the west coast!” and a film location for the Best of Luck movie with Jazzy B & Gippy Grewal

What are the odds or the chance of running into a singer/movie star from India at White Rock Beach being filmed for a Bollywood movie called BEST OF LUCK ? I have also owned the BESTofLUCK.ca domain since 2006/10/26.



Selling a domain for Big Bucks is on Ric Wallace’s bucket list. In May 2014, he said to his wife, “I need some excitement, and getting in a tabloid in the supermarkets would do it, as that is something I haven’t done yet.” Ric did not contact any tabloid or do any online postings that he was open to the idea. He was maybe thinking The Enquirer, Star or Globe. It did not matter; he just needed one.

Simply by visualizing it, two days later he was contacted via email by Woman’s World Magazine in New York City, sold at checkouts throughout North America. Long story short, he was in the July 21, 2014 issue – see enclosed. The universe or fate picked the classiest publication with a readership of about 6.8 million. Sales for 21 Lucky Lottery Tips spiked once the publication was on news stands and is continuing to see increased sales. Woman’s World Magazine has kept the door open for future stories in their magazine. Buy WinBig.ca and we will see if they want the scoop on this story. Ric’s ability to visualize and win a dream home got him on TLC’s Lottery Changed My Life.

Ric Wallace has been contacted in the past concerning one of his “.COM” domains by the owners of PokerStars.net asking the sale price for one of his domains – no sale made (YET).

Ric Wallace currently has three ideas that could get exposure in Canada / USA and worldwide. Advertising is expensive and Ric says why pay for it, when you can get it for FREE. Make the story interesting and media will come calling. If you are considering purchasing one of his domains for big bucks, have your marketing department contact him at 604-259-0105 – leave a message if you get his voice mail.

Ric can offer unlimited marketing ideas for FREE. The Globe and Mail Business / Money section could do a follow up story from Monday, Jan. 03 2011- How you can make your own luck by DEBORAH MENSAH-BONSU. Ric has a long list of people in Canada and the USA who have helped get him featured on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, web sites, etc and would offer them first chance for a story.

Ric is selling domains with the potential of lots of FREE exposure if you want it. The media is always looking for interesting stories. All major media sources have been contacted.

Want our domain and not in CANADA – a lawyer in Canada might be able to purchase on your behalf. Our last domain sold went through a lawyer in Ottawa, Ontario and may have been on behalf of a USA customer. Alberta has lots of good lawyers and the sale would only be subject to 5% GST. WINK WINK Please consult with a Canadian lawyer for legal advice if you are not in Canada.

Visit the WinBIG.ca offer page – CLICK HERE

The Lotto Dream eBook is a FREE Lottery eBook.


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OMG – There are $57 Million reasons to play #Lotto MAX as a group this week

by Ric Wallace Lottery Charm® Creator on September 1, 2014

Jackpot Alert – Lotto MAX $50 Million plus 7 Maxmillions EST for September 5, 2014.

canadian-dream-LSHELP STOP TORONTO

LUCKY the accountant and a whiz with spreadsheets at LotterySquirrel.com decided to help people dream about what a Lotto MAX $50 Million dollar win could earn in interest.

Just imagine getting 4% on the principal and making $2,000,000 in interest for just having the money in the bank for a year. At 4% you would be making about 6 cents for every second in a 24-hour period totaling $5,479.45 a day or $38,461.54 per week. Imagine making in one week what someone would make for a full year of work.



King Lucky is featured in front of Wallace Castle

An eccentric relative of LUCKY’s built this castle back in the 80s. Local legend says if you feed squirrels peanuts near the castle LUCK will follow.
LC-2014-AD-01-500A Lucky Black Squirrel (Lottery Charm®) pin was used to hold the winning grand prize ticket for this lottery (previously known as Dream Of A Lifetime Lottery) on a corkboard in the office of LotteryCharms.com® creator Ric Wallace.

Is the Lotto MAX ticket cost of $5.00 worth a chance at a really cool life style? The gang at LotterySquirrel.com think so. Playing as a group is a better way to increase your chances without spending more of your money.

The Lotto Dream eBook is a FREE Lottery eBook.

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UK LOTTO Winning Numbers Sat 30 Aug 2014

by Ric Wallace Lottery Charm® Creator on August 30, 2014

UK LOTTO Winning Numbers
Sat 30 Aug 2014
01 19 20 30 35 46 Bonus ball 40


Millionaire Raffle
AQUA 1909 7444
AQUA 4318 8766
AQUA 4955 6282
AQUA 5138 9151
AQUA 5726 7110BLUE 1281 1521
BLUE 1596 6728
BLUE 2205 0447
BLUE 3066 8610
BLUE 7304 4115
BLUE 7330 0464
BLUE 8048 2304
BLUE 9315 3784

GOLD 0016 1137
GOLD 2210 8697
GOLD 2927 7918
GOLD 4359 8673
GOLD 4632 4988
GOLD 6789 0548
GOLD 8456 9816
GOLD 8467 6194
GOLD 8880 3759
GOLD 9541 9137
GOLD 9608 6800

GREY 0696 1156
GREY 0844 2293
GREY 1603 2655
GREY 3068 4409
GREY 5465 2326
GREY 5570 1122
GREY 6530 1329
GREY 7014 8591
GREY 8001 7299
GREY 8122 2215
GREY 8441 8394
GREY 8561 9490


You would make this squirrel’s day if you bought a Lucky Coin® at LotteryCharms.com.

The gang at LotterySquirrel.com are excited to release Lucky Coin® version 2.0. The Brass Alloy #260 version sells for $14.95 and the Nickel Silver Alloy #752 sells for $19.95. The Nickel Silver will not tarnish like the brass version. The brass will take on the look of an old Lucky Coin®, similar to a Canadian Loonie, but much luckier. Please visit LuckyCoin.ca, Luckology.com or LotteryCharms.com to purchase.

JADE 0168 6567
JADE 0582 2928
JADE 0686 1999
JADE 1588 1848
JADE 1736 9266
JADE 3592 0571
JADE 3827 0975
JADE 4205 5360
JADE 7943 0857
JADE 8169 2517
JADE 9649 5067

LIME 0541 7256
LIME 1286 5614
LIME 3364 6188
LIME 3913 1624
LIME 5672 6052
LIME 6347 8247
LIME 6654 2173
LIME 9859 0283

A Window WITHOUT ALARM STICKERS has a higher chance you may be a victim!

NAVY 2097 3719
NAVY 2768 0115
NAVY 4313 1279
NAVY 4698 6651
NAVY 5342 1315
NAVY 7054 9204
NAVY 8357 1999
NAVY 8438 7237
NAVY 9601 8644

PINK 1536 8762
PINK 5448 6753
PINK 6023 6964
PINK 6597 4839
PINK 7303 8697
PINK 9022 3331
PINK 9491 8180

PLUM 3896 8896
PLUM 5746 5435
PLUM 8214 3049
PLUM 8829 8480
PLUM 9555 0327
PLUM 9584 4167

ROSE 0219 0410
ROSE 1639 9100
ROSE 2020 3206
ROSE 2071 9140
ROSE 2514 1330
ROSE 5562 2873
ROSE 7369 4960
ROSE 7614 7057
ROSE 7902 2565
ROSE 8123 9750
ROSE 9754 2225
ROSE 9921 8101

RUBY 0598 4174
RUBY 1291 5845
RUBY 1546 4153
RUBY 1921 1490
RUBY 1969 2732
RUBY 2981 4735
RUBY 4774 1632


Lucky and the gang at LotteySquirrel.com, LuckyCoin.ca and LotteryCharms.com and Luckology.com ONLY accept PayPal for online payments for the famous Lucky Coin® shown on TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life


TEAL 2094 4988
TEAL 3655 2409
TEAL 4534 9523
TEAL 9232 2655

LC-2014-AD-01-500A Lucky Black Squirrel (Lottery Charm®) pin was used to hold the winning grand prize ticket for this lottery (previously known as Dream Of A Lifetime Lottery) on a corkboard in the office of LotteryCharms.com® creator Ric Wallace.

DISCLAIMER The numbers that appear on this site do not constitute official winning numbers. Please contact your local retailer for confirmation.

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